1. st13phil

    Winner of the 2017 Q1 "Not My Job" Award

    You really couldn't make it up :doh: Drivers told to go SL
  2. KillerHERTZ

    The Real Oscar Winner

  3. ACID

    Winner of the ECOL Raffle

    The Lucky Winner of the free Remap from the Exotic Cars Of London Event finally popped in on Friday to retrieve his prize!! Stock: 445.95 Bhp 443.99 Ft Lbs Torque Tuned: 507.71 Bhp 476.96 Ft Lbs Torque Running 95 Unleaded
  4. The _Don

    Winner of the 2014 evo tyre test

    Top three - Third - Goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 2 Second - Pirelli p zero First - Continental contisportcontact 5.
  5. e55nick

    The winner takes it all

    Nice car, not sure about the etching though. would it increase the value? Way overpriced IMO. Mercedes SL55 AMG currently owned by Frida from ABBA | eBay
  6. D

    In the end, there could only be one winner...

    A 2008 RR Sport TDV8 HST and I love it. I never really took to the Q7 and now I know why; I was missing RR Sport ownership. And to keep up with my knack of taking terrible photos of my new steed in the dark;
  7. grober

    Farecla-g3 the winner

    AUTOEXPRESS have just completed a test on paint scratch removers and the winner[ Often recommended on the forum :thumb: ] is -------Farecla-g3 Farecla G3 Scratch Remover | Auto Express ps you may be able to buy it cheaper [ bigger container] in the more familiar yellow containers from...
  8. acej

    GAD Tuning Competition Winner - congrats

    Just saw this Steve well done fella let us know how and what happens. GAD Tuning Competition Winner We are pleased to announce that Steve Maxwell (SJMaxwell) is the winner of last Month’s competition and is booked in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for the feature on his...
  9. P

    And the winner of ugly car of the year is....

    Which do you think is the ugliest car in production today? IMHO the Porsche Cayenne is a contender,looks like a moody bull frog from the front. Or the BMW 6,looks like one guy designed the back,another the front and they were both blind. Maybe the Range Rover Evoque, it went into production...
  10. mercmanuk

    £82000000 winner

    82 million winner the winner of the big euro lottery lives about 1/2 mile from me and bought the ticket from the same place as me in alkrington middleton. well is he as happy as me,the worry in thinking what car to buy,what house to buy,what new watch,etc etc etc. I know I will sleep tonight...
  11. bes1110

    Michael Winner dead

    Michael Winner RIP
  12. E

    Winner of 'Get Your Car Fixed On Us' Contest!

    Sorry for the delay, but we had a ton of entries to go through and check, but we’ve finally chosen a winner – The problem is we don’t know where they entered from (forum, facebook, twitter) So we thought we’d post this on all forums (and email him :D ) The Winner is Tom (aka Iron Hide) who...
  13. E

    Wet T-Shirt winner!

  14. The _Don

    M5 VS E63 - and the winner is .......

  15. Gucci

    DS5 revealed: If it's well built, it's a winner

    Released today, the third DS in the range. This one's about the size of a Mondeo and around £23-25k rising to £30k for hybrid diesel. If this feels as well screwed together as the DS3 I sat in - they may well have a winner on their hands.
  16. BTB 500

    Mercedes-Benz is UK's 2011 'Superbrand' winner

    Mercedes-Benz has won the 2011 'Consumer Superbrand' title, ahead of usual suspects Rolex, Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. BMW came 7th, and Jaguar 10th: Mercedes-Benz Named a superbrand
  17. Satch

    Looks like another winner for Mr Dyson

    Timed for the Southern hemisphere summer but I still want one!
  18. Matt32AMG

    Competition Winner

    This came today CON GRATULATIONS You have been randomly selected from millions of potential entrants for successfully driving at 39mph in a 30 mph zone as caught on our new deluxe CAMERAS!!! Just fill in the form by return, and collect your surprise penalty from our superb range of...
  19. kikkthecat

    One winner

    And it's not me. Whoever it is I wish him or her well and hope they are closely related to me. Waste it wisely £35.4 Million
  20. SL300-24

    300SL-24 Masterclass Winner for sale!

    Please see the rules!
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