1. M

    which is best fuel clip or worm drive clip

    Hi, what are the views regarding using a Fuel pipe clip against a Worm drive clip (jubilee ;)) reason being I found a diesel fuel leak from one of the pipes on the fuel filter (320CDi) :mad: I popped the original clip off also found another old clip on top of the manifold under the...
  2. M

    White worm in alloys

    Another Mercedss problem that is common across the last 6 years, whitewood within the diamond cut 18" AMG alloys. Normally appears around the centre badge. Covered under warranty jf picked up soon enough.
  3. abecketts

    W210 Tin Worm

    Whilst the mechanic was replacing the anti roll bar bushes he noticed that the tin worm is starting on the front wings, not visible yet unless you look under the wheel arch so to speak. Do I sort it now or will that be akin to repainting the forth road bridge or get something newer? car is...
  4. s88

    showing signs of tin worm

    recently sighted.
  5. marty359

    Worm castings on my new lawn

    Can anyone help? 7 months ago I had my lawn turfed in preparation for my little ones first steps as it was patchy, lumpy and covered in large weeds. Once the new turf had grown a bit and settled down it looked like the 18th fairway at St Andrews and I was very pleased with it but now it...
  6. S

    Having a go at the tin worm

    E220 CDI W210 2002 I am going to try and slow down the rust on my wings. I have the materials to do the job I just need the knowledge. It looks like the rust has got to the bottom of the wing where it sits on the front bumper. I will have to remove the bumper to get to the inner wing (I...
  7. reflexboy

    Funny Pharmacy emails? A worm, trojan or what?

    I keep getting emails with the title 'Pharmacy' or with a letter in the word 'pharmacy' changed. They all come from different email addresses and don't contain anything of any interest. My Dad, whom is with tiscali, and a couple of friends get these too. Im with BT Internet. Is this some sort of...
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