[SOLD] 2003 S600 Limousine LWB V12 Biturbo

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and on Facebook Marketplace
Looks like I can't (virtually) give it away!
Who'd have thought there'd be no interest in a car with a history and condition like this?
If any members feel I'm pricing it wrongly I'd be open to advice.
A fellow forum member pointed out to me that my walk-around video shows the 'Engine ' warning light on the dashboard, and that may be putting people off.
The battery was flat so I jump started it for the video shoot. The engine warning light always comes on if the battery is flat and it's jumped. I hadn't noticed: it was cancelled the next day, has been off ever since.
Stupid of me not to notice. There is no engine problem - as any inspection will show!
On Ebay and Facebiik now.
Price drop to £8700.
Maybe I was being unrealistic in the current market? Cars of all denominations are selling cheaply at the moment it seems.
I was, and am, always open to considering any offers.
Apparently the Secondary Air Pump that was replaced just after I got the car has failed (Supplied by Tim Hayward cars). So it's now been replaced (again!) with a Bosche OE part. All good now.
£7990. For a beautiful, solid car that drives like new. Baffling!
Silly money for a luxury car.

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