2017 C-class Estate, SE Executive Edition, petrol, manual £15,995

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Oct 2, 2011
In the woods
W205 C200 SE EE estate
2017 C-class Estate, SE Executive Edition, petrol, manual. Just about to turn 40,000 miles.
2.0l, ULEZ 184 bhp/ 7.7s to 60

Brilliant bike for carrying my bicycle :) Very nice and comfortable. The SE EE gets you heated electric seats too.
Ticks my boxes for a Petrol Manual Estate. Force of circumstance unfortunately says it has to go.
Certainly to my eyes it has a lovely unmarked body. It isn't used that much and certainly never used for supermarket duties.

Four good matched Avons. Just been into Merc for a warranty NOx sensor so that won't need doing. Serviced last summer with fully synthetic MB fluids.

Full disclosure, and see the pictures, the three things that let it down, and were there when I got it are as follows:
There is a mark on the dash where someone has loaded a long timber onto the dash top. Please see picture with the key on the dash.
Small mark on the spoiler top- heaven knows how this happened.
Teeny mark on the rear bumper top, presumably from unloading something.

Car located in Bexley, NW Kent / SE London. DA5 post code, just off the A2.
I'm looking £15,995

The original 2017 brochure for the car can be found here:
The Executive edition is on page 26.

As you can see my car has the wheels from the "sport" trim. These are fitted with matched Avon's, one brand new.
The original SE Executive wheels I have in the garage with my winter tyres fitted, I only switched them back in March. Both sets of wheels have the Merc TPMS sensors fitted, so the wheels can be switched with no tyre-changing faff.
The winter wheels can be supplied by separate negotiation.
I am happy to switch back to the original wheels if you'd prefer the originals..

Bear with me whilst I wrestle uploading pictures.


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A few more


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Under the covers at each end


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Full disclosure defects: Boot spoiler, dash and bumper.

On the bumper, it's just the grey bits by my finger. The bit underneath that looks like lacquer peel is just a shine. To the left is the reflection of my wife's flip-flops. She took the pics!


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Original wheels, genuinely absolutely unmarked. Winter Nokian Hakkapeliitta fitted, with of course Merc TPMS, so it is a genuine switchover giving no dash lights.


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Withdrawn - I have decided to keep her. Nothing better for hauling my bike or my kit- certainly not at this price point.
Back up for sale I think. Too many cars stolen near me, so my insurance has just tripled :-( I know everyone is feeling the insurance pinch.
41,800 showing on the ODO this morning.
Serviced in Aug with Genuine MB Fully Synthetic oil + filter.
Just over a years MOT remaining as it sailed through a pass last Friday.
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And also showing on Autotrader here:

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