4-Pot SL43 AMG - Press Release

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"...We already know the next C63 will use the 4 cylinder engine..."

That right there is why that model should not be called a C63. But that's marketing for you.

But that discussion is for a different thread. As you were.
Don't worry, it will be in a couple of generations' time: the C63 with 3 cylinder 630cc turbo, supercharged, hybrid engine, with electric driven turbo and KERS torque fill :p
To be fair the 2 litre turbo suits the “43” badge, didn’t I see on carwow the 53 versions will be using the M177 engines from the current C63 ?
Hi , love the looks but as legislation only allows 4 pot engines how long will the engine last.

Only time will tell !

Every fast 4 cylinder car I have owned the engine / gear box was shot at 40000 miles including my favourite Ford Escort Mexico.

I acknowledge drive trains have improved over the years but 4 cylinder 400 bhp engines are not for me.

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