(A207) Heated Seats, Parking Sensor, ECO switches, Becker Sat Nav and Command dial / switches all not working

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Feb 20, 2016
Norfolk UK
Audi A5 S-Line TFSI 190 Convertible
Hi all,

Have an odd one which is leading me to believe I may have a faulty Audio 20 unit.

The other day I noticed the stereo dial and buttons had stopped working. I then noticed there were no lights on the buttons at the bottom of the unit (Heated seats, rear head restraint riser, parking sensor and eco stop / start). The Becker Sat Nav is also saying no unit is connected.

The actual unit itself is still working, as in the radio plays and you can use the buttons on the unit itself to go to Disc, Nav etc).

I had a look at related fuses and have changes fuse 12 and 26 under the bonnet to see if that was an issue as they controlled related functions. I have just removed the unit as I saw there was a fuse in the back, but that looks fine (will fo and get a mini blade replacement later).

Other functions such as aircon on the panel below are all fine and there does not appear to be any other issues, just the ones which all have something to do with the Audio 20 unit itself.

Edit.. Just to add the steering wheel controls (at least for volume & Mute) work fine as well.

Anyone come across this before and any know fixes?

Thanks in advance.

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