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Feb 3, 2022
Frimley Green
E Class
Hi everyone,
I’ve been using a CTEK MXS 5.0 trickle charger on my E Class during this cold period because the car is kept on the drive and only used for occasional journeys. I’m not sure if it’s relevant but twice now having been on trickle charge for six days at a time using the car a warning battery symbol accompanied by the wording Stop vehicle leave engine running has appeared. Now the car is only 5 years old and completed 36699 miles, am I looking at battery replacement or something else.
The car is going for it’s annual service next Friday, is it worth mentioning or will it be picked up when Mercedes carry out the service?

Many Thanks in advance for any responses.
I would imagine either the battery is on its last legs or the CTEK is not charging properly. I would get the dealer to check the battery , normally they are not too over the top with battery prices
Is there two batteries and it's the second battery that's low until the car has been run for a while??
From what I have observed since being a member on here getting 5 years out of a battery on a modern(ish) MB car before it fails sems to be an acceptable occurrance , I disagree, (but my MB is a bit more analoge and it got more than 12 years out of the OEM battery) and many on here get more than 5 years .

As suggested , get them checked and be prepared to replace them.
Thanks everyone for your replies and advice. Mercedes have tested both batteries during the service I’ve had carried out and there fine, I presume they would have picked up a message if the alternator wasn’t working! It’s only a five year old car so I don’t think it’s an alternator issue.
My own theory is that the trickle charger keeps the main battery fully charged, but as it’s isolated from the auxiliary battery, maybe on starting the car the computer detects a lower charge on that battery and flags up the message I get. The message disagrees after a couple of miles!

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