Bonnet open warning

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Feb 3, 2022
Frimley Green
E Class
Hi everyone, is there a knack for closing the bonnet on a 2018 E Class? Every time I occasionally open mine and close it, on the next use after about a mile the bonnet open warning alarm sounds.
There's a sensor on one of the bonnet locks at the front, check that it's not loose, or replace it if need be.
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There's a sensor on one side of the bonnet locks at the front, check that irs not loose and that it's moving freely, or replace it if need be.
Many thanks very useful response.
If it's anything like my C Class you have to drop the bonnet from about 8-10 inches up rather than push it shut, otherwise one or other of the locks doesn't engage properly and you get the dash warning.
Must be a German thing because my Beemer is the same.
Mine happened once. It's annoying as hell as just keeps beeping.

Turned out the latch was not secure on one side so needed opening and then closing.

Sometimes the rubber stoppers need twisting to make sure they're not preventing it closing fully

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