Divine Detail on my GL63 - Excellent Service

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Hi Michael, it was all the Kamikaze and G-Technique products. I never needed a top up since and only ever hand washed the car once a month with Dodo juice Supernatural shampoo. Ed recommended ‘Koch Chemie Allround Quick Shine’ too for maintenance which I bought in 2016 but am ashamed to say I haven’t used once! Have only got some of the pics on my phone - just checked emails and can confirm Ed detailed my car in 2016. It’s as smooth as glass and has deflected almost all Stone chips in 30k miles of driving on the A1 and B road blasts since!


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Just took this pic so you can see the car when it’s dirty!! The only thing I ever do to it is wash with Dodo Juice shampoo - the rest is a testament to Ed’s awesome work ;)


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I was going to wash mine over the weekend, but we had so much rain on Saturday that it’s 90% cleaned itself now...! :)
So I washed the GL today for the first time since Ed detailed it. For various reasons I just hadn’t got around to it until now, but quite interestingly it seems to have self-cleaned the majority of the larger dirt, just a fine film that didn’t come off in the rain.

I would say other than the brake dust on the wheels, it looks far cleaner than one of my other cars that was washed the day before I collected the GL. Also I have used it recently on at least 4 longish journeys, motorway work etc and driven in the rain so it’s had a fair amount thrown at it.

Here’s how it looked yesterday, having not been cleaned since the end of May:

And the colour in bright sun:

Gave it a wash earlier, which I hate doing nowadays (because of the size of the GL, it takes absolutely ages. 2-3 buckets just for the bodywork and another for the wheels. I think to wash and dry it properly takes about 3 hours.

I found the wash quite easy, most of the dirt rinsed off, the wash and rinse buckets were a lot cleaner than usual which is good considering how long it had been and the amount it had been used. Dried off really nicely, 95% of the water on the vertical panels (doors etc) just came straight off before I could even get a micro fibre towel near it, I just lightly took off the excess and it was much easier. Also seems to collect less water around the usual areas - eg bottoms of the windows and along the trims etc, which helps a lot.

Paint has a strange sort of feel to it, not as slippery as waxed panels I have used in the past, sort of slightly tacky/grabby but very smooth. But it’s glossy and dries streak free, and feels very slick once cleaned and dry. The wheels were quite dirty before the wash, and had a few water spot type marks from the brake dust and rain I guess. I didn’t use any aggressive wheel cleaners, rinsed and most of the loose stuff came off then the rest wiped away effortlessly. I’m happy with that. The tyre dressing has dulled down to a more satin sort of finish but more importantly didn’t seem to have attracted too much road grime which was a welcome change to other tyre dressings I have used previously. Exhaust tips have held up quite well also :thumb:

Should have taken some afters from the wash but there’s no point really as it looks the same as on the first page of this thread :D
You won't find anyone better at detailing as Ed. He can't help but do that little bit extra which in this line of work is exactly what you want. Too many 'detailers' out there who just want to do a quick job, Ed will always do it right.

I bought my CLS63 from his father in law, handy it basically lived with a detailer! haha

Car looks excellent OP, money well spent!
Can't agree more. Had the CL done by Ed nearly four years ago, still looks great and as mentioned so easy to clean.

Ed did his Magic on the Brabus Smart car last week after we just had it resprayed, another amazing job and as Allex said he always does that " little bit extra "

+ he is such a nice guy, a real enthusiast.
I’ve said it plenty of times before. Ed really is a top man, I recommend him to anyone who’ll listen:thumb:
Great results on the vehicle, Will :thumb:
Looks great.

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