E500 Cab, chugging noise at the rea on idle

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Jul 2, 2008
poole dorset
124 coupe
Hi Gents/everyone

My e500 cab has an intermittent low level chugging noise come from the underneath toward the rear of the car, Its not that loud but is noticeable when it happens. I cant determine what triggers the sound as it doesnt always happen, I am sure its not a blowing exhaust. Has anyone else had this issue? the Engine runs perfectly, and if I blip the throttle the sound goes and comes back around 20 seconds later as the revs calm down. I was thinking the transmission mounts causing a vibration. But randomness of it has me puzzled.
Any pointers would be helpful, the car has the 5.5l V8 with 7G transmission, aprox 45k miles on a 2010 model.

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