GLS X166 Android upgrade

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I've already wasted money having it upgraded to latest version, adding Android auto, still doesn't work,two mb dealers looked at it, nothing the can do and said that's perfectly fine.
I am going to replace the screen in my GLS with a 12 inch android unit, as the BTG5 is utter rubbish, I thought I would document it in this thread, I have the new unit now, instructions are lacking, not a surprise. Model is for GLE and GLS apparently, incudes new air vents.

I have bought the DAB+ add on as well, my idea is that I will use it for Nav and radio, leaving car settings reverse camera etc on the old system.

My reason for doing this, the radio performance is utterly shocking, I have another car parked right next to my GLS with an aftermarket android headunit and it picks up DAB and radio fine, I had my GLS in with two dealers, thy cant fix it, the cost of sorting it and upgrading the NAV pretty much pays for the new android screen, but I did splurge out on the 12 inch screen, whereas I could have saved money and got the 8inch one. So new DAB+ tuner and ariel, but I am going to try and keep as much factory as I can, so reusing the GPS antenna, and going to try and reuse the DAB ariel, but the DAB ariel could be whats at fault in the car in the first place.

Given the lack of decent instructions, including a very bad translation from German to English this will be a make it work as I go project, fitting the android head unit in to my shogun was a massive job that everyone said wasn;t possible, so mines the only euro spec shogun in the world with the factory optical audio and a working android head unit.
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My 2017 GLS 550 radio died and the dealer wants $6400 to replace it with a rebuild one, so I thought that the upgrade may be a solution. So my question is would the upgrade even work? Do you still need the working OE radio in order for the upgrade to work properly? I don't feel like paying more than $6000 for a rebuild radio if I can upgrade for $1000 or so. What's your suggestion?
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