Help Needed - Modified 3 bolt fuel filter mounting

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Nov 2, 2023
E220 S212
Just refitting the fuel filter back onto engine after doing a full inlet and valve de-coke and have question on last bolt position on fuel filter.

Engine is OM651.924 fitted to 2013 S212 2013. The head has x3 holes to accept new style filter carrier, but also has one to left where bracket for electrical connector is secures (see attached photo). The flange thickness is about 10mm with straight through m6 insert, which aligns with another m6 insert directly below in the inlet manifold.

My question is.....should the bolt length used here be long enough to pick up on the inlet manifold so it acts as another fuel filter housing mounting point or the should the bolt only be long enough to just secure electrical bracket and stop short of inlet manifold?

Two things to consider
1. I find it odd they would fit an m6 insert in fuel filter housing IF the clamping force is provided by the m6 insert in the inlet housing....why double this up?

2. The fuel filter housing sits about 2.5mm above inlet housing, so if a through bolt is used, it will "bring" the gap together resulting in deformation of the fuel filter housing.

My gut feeling is telling not to not use a through bolt and leave it mounted only by the x3 head facing bolts.......

Quick response would be gratefully appreciated as need car tomorrow!
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Anyone know the answer?
The fuel filter housing should not be bolted to the inlet manifold. The original problem with the two hole housing is that it was , and under high boost the inlet manifold 'balloons' and pushes the filter housing away from the head.
Many thanks for confirming.

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