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Nov 2, 2007
Mansfield, Notts
W204 C250 Cdi AMG Sport Coupe
Afternoon all, 9 years since I posted but could do with a little insight on part numbers please. My dad has a 2012 C250 W204 which has developed a fault with the climate control and requires a new/replacement panel. These are £444 after surcharge refund from MB so I've been looking for a second hand/used one but the part numbers of virtually everyone I can find vary somewhat, the part we need is 204 900 38 03 and sw:2610.00. The closest I can find is 204 900 53 08, how close do the numbers have to be for the unit to be plug and play? MB won't share the part number of the unit that they would supply.
On a separate note, these units are surcharged and £76 is refunded when they receive the old unit back, this must mean they are refurbished somewhere, would anyone know of anyone offering this service?

Thanks in advance.

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