Playing music through sound system ?

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Dec 24, 2022
south wales
320 cdi
I have a 2015 GLA 220 Amg premium line which has a standard FM radio not DAB
I have an android phone and my wife has an Iphone, is there a way to play her music through the car, or play a digital radio station from her phone to the car?
It connects via Bluetooth for phone calls etc, but won't do anything else
Do I need a cable ?
You shouldn't need a cable, I can play Spotify on mine and ive only got an old 2010 e class.
Ditto. My 2008 S211 can do it, so I can’t imagine why yours doesn’t.

You might like using a cable to keep your phone fully charged, but that’s a different thing.

Likewise, CarPlay didn’t exist back then, but again that’s different functionality.

What input have you selected on your audio?
You need to select Bluetooth Audio as the Audio source.

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