R230 SL500 O/S/R strut quick disconnect question

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Aug 1, 2011
SL 500
Hi everyone
I’m a long time lurker on here but only just posting for the first time.
I’m currently replacing the rear suspension units on my 2002 SL500 and have come across a number of issues but I’ve finally managed to remove the driver’s side strut. Unfortunately the ‘quick disconnect’ wouldn’t let go but I did find that it rotated. In fact it rotated so much that I managed to unscrew the whole thing from the elbow on the ABC line. Obviously this means that the connector is still attached to the strut.
So I have two questions which I’m hoping someone can help me with.
1. is it possible to buy the quick connector part from Mercedes (I have no idea of a part number..)
2. assuming that the quick release should separate from the strut, does anyone have a tried and trusted method? after 20 years of British roads it seems unwilling but I may be doing something wrong.

I have hopefully added a couple of photos to show what I am referring to.

Any advice gratefully accepted.




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Quick update. I found that by using the ‘spray,tap,spray,twist,tap…’ the quick release eventually, erm, released.
So that’s one side done and one to go, which should be much easier now I know what to expect.
For info, Mercedes don’t supply the part I need on its own, just the full pipe at £229.

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