S211 Isofix

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Nov 22, 2018
Mercedes E270 Estate and VW Golf
Hello chaps.

Has anyone here installed an ISOFIX retrofit kit or use any adapators which worked ok?
I just happen to have the underseat Isofix brackets for a W211 passenger side rear on my desk... I bought them for an early E500 estate, in the belief that the mounting holes and welded nuts beneath on the body shell were already there on the shell, but it turned out they were not....

I never got round to returning them. The part numbers are A 211 860 03 87 and A211 860 07 87. PM me if you would like them?
Thanks, do you have fitting instructions for them? Wonder if the W211 brackets are the same for the S211 as the seats may be different?
Thanks, non the wiser though!

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