[SOLVED] Seat Belt noise!

Discussion in 'Interior' started by R2D2, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I have been plagued by a rear seat belt that make a whining noise while someone is wearing it. The slightest movement makes the belt moan. Well I asked Olly (Black C55) what he'd try and he suggested getting some Silicon spray and soaking the webbing and then letting it dry.

    I got some 3 in 1 Silicon professional spray and dismantled the C pillar trim carefully in order to give me better access to the belt. I then sprayed the silicon on the metral drum of the belt with the belt fully extended. I then sprayed the belt a bit at a time as I slowly let it wind back in but only as far as it would be with a large passenger wearing it ie. none of the belt that will be near a passenger was sprayed. I then re-extended the belt to it's maximum and left it extended all night to dry out.

    The next morning I let the belt retract and hey presto the noise is gone-in fact it's now quieter that the quiet belts!

    Realsing how good silicon stray is, I carefully sprayed a very fine line of spray along creaky bits in the car- centre console trims, the top edge of my rear view mirror etc. Then I wiped off the surplus and left the joints to dry. Again wonderful results! As a de rattler Silicon spray-carefully used is wonderful. Many thanks to Olly for the tip!!:bannana:
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