Severe pulling to left after garage work

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Jan 13, 2024
Work required for Mot was two rear springs and a wheel bearing, which should in no way take three weeks to complete. I've returned the car to them three times now and it's still no better, pulls to the left and drives really bad.

Have taken car somewhere else to get it tracked and it was out so something garage said they did, it appears they did not!

When tracked at new shop toe was out so they corrected it.... Marginally better but still can't let go of my steering wheel or will be in the verge!

Does anyone have a 4-wheel alignment for a 2011 ML 350 that drives in a straight line so I can compare please? Have read one somewhere, which obviously didn't put everything into the green as its supposed to be.... But some were in the red to compensate for the ML characteristics... But which ultimately gave you a car that would drive in a straight line.... Garage are happy to adjust if I can tell them what to adjust it too!
Cheers all x
They should have the settings already on their equipment.

I would go back to looking at the suspension and steering for faults first.
It has been set so all in the green...... Took it to Autotest in Norwich and have print out showing what they adjusted.
The garage who did the MOT work have had it back three times and everytime it's no better, last time they presented me with a bill for adjusting the tracking which they said was out.

Which is odd, because they told me after I returned it the second time that they had done the tracking, so I suspect they never actually checked it.

Therefore, the trip to Autotest which confirms the tracking was still out.

Have given up on the garage who did the mot work, am contemplating sending an email and a polite request that they refund me the 800 notes I gave them to do the work on my car, because since I've had it back from them it drives like it's been in an auto accident.... Terrible!!
Did you have full geometry alignment carried out? Or just tracking?

If you had full geometry done and the car is still pulling, I would look at the tyres (or wheels) as a possible cause.

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