Thinking ahead

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The rime is approaching when we will no longer need an estate so we are looking to change the S205 for something either
a. more economical
b. more fun.
a. would be a Honda 1.5 Civic, but management is lukewarm
b. would be either an SLK 250d or SLC 250d.
Given that management is always right it looks like b. is the way to go.
Now I know that a diesel is not everybodys idea of fun, but I have come to like the grunt of the OM651.

My question is, has anyone had experience of either the SLK or SLC ?, is the SLC a better bet and worth the extra cost?
We will be looking at a 17 plate.

Or are we better off looking at an Aldi or BMW?
I run a 1.5 Civic as a daily, it has fairly good performance, good handling and economy Sitka t about 47mpg (can go upon down depending on roads/driving) my E400 Convertible for fun but the Honda is a pretty good car. I've tried the new 2.0 hybrid Civic and that's very good.
I had the MX-5 Roadster for 7 years, it was super reliable and great fun to drive, and had the electric metal roof and was more roomy than the latest version. I only swapped it in because we are getting older and need something that is easier to clamber in and out of ( That is how i sold the idea to Mrs PC ) ...and i had a massive V8 itch.

The MX-5 Roadster was probably the best value for money / fun/ reliable car i have owned !
Yes. Tbh having had both, I would take the MX5 over the slc any day.
Have to say the R170 slk was great fun though.

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