Tyre recommendations please

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^^^^ Have you got a link ?
I was just reading the other day about EV's going through their tyres in under 10K.


It is what it is and just another thing to factor into the running costs. Frankly I'd be appalled at such low miles when I typically get 30K

Says he who would be quite happy with 10K out of a motorcycle tyre. But then they don't cost £300.
Not sure about the motorcycle tyre analogy , some years back I could get through a rear tyre in 2K miles at about £120 a pop . but let's not make things more complicated than they are.
I visited my brother-in-law at the weekend and we were chatting v about his Tesla Model 3. It still has the original tyres from the factory, and there’s plenty of meat left on them at 45,000 miles. He thinks he might even see 60,000 miles before they’re replaced, which is incredible.

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