w124 Front wings, How much??


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Dec 1, 2002

Just finished the oil change on my dad's 1995 E220. He's had it since new (8 years now!!!) and only done 56,000 miles in it, always garaged and washed etc

Problem is, it's got rust!!!! The front wings have a large ammount of rust on the inner wheelarch area which has now spread and become visable. Also around the side repeaters there is large ammounts of rust. Looks like it needs 2 new wings rather than sanding all the areas down and repainting which would involve a lot of work.

My question is, has anyone else got a w124 with rust problems. I've seen that Europarts sell the wings cheap, is this a good option? Buy from them, get a bodyshop to paint them and then just fit them myself. How much do you think a bodyshop would charge to paint two front wings, non metallic red.

thanks, sorry about all the question


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