W169 Parking Sensor PDC Control Unit, A1695450632

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Oct 9, 2020
A class A150 2005
Afternoon all, can anyone help with the location of - Parking Sensor PDC Control Unit, part number A1695450632, for the W169. is it easy to access and replace?
Many thanks in advance
Hi Dude, I am also looking for the same answer. Were you able to find where it is?
In the Mercedes-Benz W169, the Parking Sensor PDC (Park Distance Control) Control Unit with part number A1695450632 is typically located in the rear of the vehicle, often situated near the trunk or rear bumper area.

However, accessing and replacing the PDC Control Unit can vary in terms of ease depending on the specific model year and exact placement within the vehicle. Here are some general steps you might follow:

  1. Locating the Control Unit:
    • Start by checking the rear bumper area, inside the trunk, or behind panels near the rear of the vehicle. The control unit is usually positioned close to where the parking sensors connect to the wiring harness.
  2. Accessing and Replacement:
    • Remove any panels or covers in the trunk area that provide access to the rear bumper or the area near it. This may involve removing trunk liner panels or accessing the area behind the rear seats.
    • Once you've identified the PDC Control Unit, it's often secured in place by fasteners or screws. Carefully disconnect the wiring harnesses connected to the unit.
    • Replace the control unit with the new one, making sure to reconnect all wiring harnesses securely.
    • After replacement, test the parking sensors to ensure they are functioning correctly.
Hope it helps.

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