[SOLD] W213 Mercedes E43 AMG Estate Premium Plus 9G 4Matic 2017/17 For Sale

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Dec 31, 2009
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I bought this in October 2022 and as some might have seen in another thread never really got on 100% with it. Maybe I have bought the wrong car or are getting old but just finding it a little too sporty for my needs. It seems a perfectly good and capable car to me, drives really well so does so much so well. I've had a few W211 E55K Estates before and really liked the blend of comfort and sportiness. I just think the W213 E43 is a little step too far for me towards the sporty nature of the car and am looking for something a little more comfort orientated.

It came with the optional 20" alloys but I have bought in a set of the stock 19" E43 alloys that are currently on the car. I still have the original 20" alloys but changed these to 19" alloys to look to improve the ride comfort. It did improve it but not by too much in my opinion. The rear tyres on the 20's are shot so would need replacing if used but the fronts were OK. The 19" rear tyres had plenty of tread on them and the front alloys and tyres were brand new. The car could be sold with both sets that might give someone some options for a winter tyre set or either the 19" or 20" so open to suggestions.

It is a 2017/17 plate and the Premium Plus spec. It has all the spec I was looking for in the right colour combination of Obsidian Black Metallic with Black Nappa Leather interior. The spec is quite extensive with all the sought after spec/options many seem to value and seek out:
Night Package
Electric Glass Panoramic Sunroof
Upgraded Burmester Premium Surround Speaker System with DAB Radio
Head Up Display with Traffic Sign Assist
Bluetooth Telephone System with Apple Car Play & Android Auto
Widescreen Cockpit High-Resolution 12.3in Multimedia Colour Display
Command Online Satellite Navigation System with Media Interface/Touchpad
Electric Heated Front Sport Seats with Individual Memory
Cruise Control with Variable Speed Limiter
360 Degree & Reverse Cameras
AMG 19" Multi Spoke Alloys
Ambient Lighting
Adaptive LED High Performance Headlights with Hi Beam Assist
Keyless Go Package
Dual Zone Climate Control/Air-Conditioning System, Sun Protection Privacy Glass
Direct-Steer Speed Sensitive Steering
Easy-Pack Automatic Powered Tailgate
KEYLESS-GO Starting Function
Air Suspension with Adaptive AMG Ride Control Sports Suspension
Airbags – Front & Side Driver Front Passenger – Combined Thorax-Pelvis Bag & Window Airbags
Alarm System with Immobiliser and Interior Protection
Anodised Silver Brake Calipers with AMG Lettering
ESP – Electronic Stability Programme
Electric Parking Brake
LED Rear Lights
Chrome Roof Rails
3-Spoke Multi-Function AMG Trimmed in Black Nappa Leather with Flattened Bottom Section
Tinted Glass All Round – Green and rear privacy glass
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
97k miles
2 Previous Owners - 1st Demo Owner - 2nd Private Owner
£165 Yearly Car Tax

I'm just going to give it a nice wash and take some new pictures but will add the original ones for when I bought it to kick off with. There was a Warranty Wise warranty on the car when I bought it that has now expired but it could be extended if required as they keep calling me to renew it with amazing discounts!

The car is located near Hatfield, Hertfordshire. I thought I would offer it in here first before I put an Ebay or AT ad up. Not sure on what the price should be to be honest. I know what I paid and know I'm likely to take a fair hit on it so was thinking of putting an add up with a price of £25995. Happy to listen to any thoughts or offers. There are 8 on AT from £28995 upwards. There are 2 on Ebay from £32930 upwards and none on PH.

Any questions please feel free to ask away.
A few pics to kick off with but let me know if you need any further or specific pics.


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Just a quick thought as if anyone is thinking of replacing an E55K Estate or another SUV or Estate that I could be interested in then happy to look at any swap deals that might work both way.

I'm looking for something fairly comfortable but still interesting enough to drive that I can use for work and daily duties. I don't do tons of miles so size of engine or MPG isn't an issue. In fact the bigger the better!
Just found the service history and VIN decoded print outs.


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A few more after a nice wash.


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Forgot to mention I changed the AGM battery too as it was the original battery. Had the alarm go off one night just after I got it back from buying and the voltage seemed low. Always seems prudent to me to do proactive maintenance where I can to resolve a problem before it becomes one! I tend to find they start to cause issues after 4-5 years in service.
I have bought an S211 E500 Estate this weekend and have another car to use now so I can push full steam ahead to sell the E43.

I'm not comfortable selling it privately so would rather sell for a little bit less money but not have any hassle or risk selling in on eBay, AT or PH.

I have had a chat with Motorway and looks like I will list with them with a reserve of £23k. If anyone here wants a quick easy sale for a bit more than trade money then drop me a line. I'd sell it for £24k privately to a forum member if anyone is interested. Be quick as it will be going on Motorway at the end of the week.

I have a set of the optional 20" night edition E43 alloys that came on the car when I bought it as I changed them for a set of 19" stock OEM E43 alloys. I will throw these in as well.

Cheapest nearest equivalent I can see for sale at the moment is a white Premium not Premium Plus with 80k miles for £29k. That doesn't have the optional Burmester Premium audio system, HUD or the dual LCD cockpit maybe other spec missing too.

I couldn't find a higher spec E43 when I was looking which attracted me to this one in the first place. Must be the highest spec E43 as not sure there was much more you could add.
This is the VIN decoded full spec.VIN Decode 1.jpg

VIN Decode 2.jpg

VIN Decode 3.jpg


  • WM17UUF VIN Decoded Sheet.pdf
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I've just checked the spec/options and they really went to town on the options! Nearly £9k added to the standard E43 spec. It was a dealer demo car then the previous owner bought it 4 months old so might explain the high spec.

DescriptionOption CodePrice
Mercedes-AMG E43 4MATIC Petrol 2996cc V6 401hp/295kW 9G£59,275.00
Premium PlusDP1£3,895.00
20" AMG Alloy WheelsRTO£595.00
Widescreen (12.3-inch) Cockpit Display464£495.00
360° CameraP44£335.00
Privacy Glass840£345.00
Obsidian Black Metallic Paint197£645.00
Trim – dashboard and door, black open-pore ash wood736£195.00
Burmester Premium Surround Sound System810Inc P/Plus
COMAND Online system with Media Interface and touchpad531£1,495.00
Head-up display463£825.00

I am planning to list it with Motorway with a minimum reserve of £23k as it costs me nothing to do so. It is a very high spec car in a good colour in good condition so might go for more than I expect. Certainly worth a go to see what it makes.
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So I've had quite a few offers this weekend but none have hit my minimum sell price of £24k yet. Two at £23k, one at £22500, one at £22k and one at £21500. So will see what goes this week and if any of these come back with increased offers. It is due to go live with Motorway Tuesday I think so will see what goes there too. Feels like I'm about right with my £24k minimum so far. The one thing that Motorway can be good for is if a dealer has an order for one they need to find so can often pay more as they already have the customer order and not buying for stock.
Well the E43 was on Motorway today and although Motorway have made some errors in the listing it went for over £23k. Just waiting to hear back what the revised figure will be as the errors were not in my favour so expect the dealers have bid slightly less based on some additional prep they won't need to do. So will see what they come back with.
I've been offered £24k today from a local guy in Enfield so will wait to see what Motorway say tomorrow and there is a Plan B at the ready if any issues.
All paid and collected Saturday. The new owner might appear on here at some point and really nice guy. I am sure he will really enjoy the car. It is a great car and drives really well just not quite what I was looking for personally. I'll go back to my lardy soft S211 E500 for a while then take some time to decide if it will be a stepping stone to something or will be more of a medium to longer term keeper.

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