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    560 SEC Widebody, 500E, Hammer and SL70/73

    There are a couple of B12 owners on the Might be worth trying there if you haven't already.
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    W212 E63 6.2

    That is going to limit your choice quite a lot! I'm not that keen on silver cars but seem to have 2 amg estates on the drive and they are both silver!
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    £20k E55

    No parking sensors, which is odd. Looks nice, well detailed certainly but the drivers seat has seen some wear and not that well kept for an exemplary example. I think they'll be very lucky at that price, £12-15 maybe.
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    E55k Estate 30k miles

    Ha reminds me of a patient a good few years ago. She came in one day with a really nasty looking burn on one calf. I asked and she regaled a story of getting out of her new boyfriend's Caterham 7, only he didn't mention it had side exhausts... needless to say not her boyfriend after that. It did...
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    Cars that you have owned, and had high hopes for but moved on because you didn't like or get on with, for a particular reason?

    Rather incredibly this I really wanted one, got a decent deal and a decent car, not in grey scale and it went like a rocket with a 500bhp Manthey remap. But it wasn't at all practical (despite what they say), the alarm drove me mad, I was terrified of the carbon ceramic brakes and it did...
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    S212 E63 Kleeman wagon....

    I have to say I quite like it. I seem to be a sucker for high mileage cars (I've got 5 and only 1 is under 100k, 1 is over 200 and one is approaching 300!) but that doesn't make them bad cars. In a different place or even if it was a bit closer I might take a look, but there and waay up north...
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    CLS 63 EDITION 1

    From the sublime to the ridiculous as you say. Is there something about rying to buy a car from this central northern belt? There seem to be a lot of slightly iffy places. I'm sure that's a huge generalisation but for us southerners it's a lot of what you hear! How can you tell/do you know? As...
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    CLS 63 EDITION 1

    That puts a slightly different spin on things. A bit leggy but noticeably cheaper than the other one. Thanks for the steer.
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    Another S211 E55...mega money

    Really? 11 is high (the one at 9.5 hasn't sold) but it's worth a bit more than that don't you think?
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    m113 oil level

    I didn't know that was even an option. Is there actually an aperture for it?
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    m113 oil level

    Our c55 has said a couple of times to add a litre of oil at the next chance. However when I check the oil level it says it's fine. Using the "hidden" menu it is saying 7.1 l which to my mind is a bit low as reading suggests 8-8.5l. Anyone got a more definitive answer? Thanks
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    CLS 63 EDITION 1

    Thanks. There is a ed 1 for sale too but there's not a great deal for me and my e55 needs a little bit of prep to get to be ready for private sale. Letting it go for what's been offered seems a bit of a waste. I might reconsider in the new year.
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    CLS 63 EDITION 1

    All FL cls (estates anyway) are S versions, and that bit more expensive. Frankly another 30bhp isn't all that but I think they do get an LSD as standard which is.
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    CLS 63 EDITION 1

    It doesn't look like very much extra but I've found 3 now, all the same so it does seem to be a real "thing". There's one on here from a member who has since vanished. ETA and another (actually this is...
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    CLS 63 EDITION 1

    Definitely was, Romans sold one a while back I didn't realise it was MB wide and used on various models. It seems to be a ltd edition from a new model roll out to part those who want a bit more...
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