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    Oh Yes - S Class Coupe

    Does look a little like a an enlarged audi tt.
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    66 plate 205 interior trim part

    Thanks for looking Pillow. It's actually just the chrome trim around the cubby aperture (but on the main piece not the lid). It may well be you can't get that trim separately apart from a breakers maybe. I'll have a look for the vin, it's a staff members car.
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    66 plate 205 interior trim part

    I'm after a tiny silver/chrome trim part for a c220d softtop. The best I can find for it is A 205 680 95 04 and the section appears to be [739] 20101223 TRIM PIECES - ALUMINUM I've no idea if these are available separately - its just the trim around the cubby hole lid behind where a...
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    Suzzie, the CLK 500 so this happened

    I saw that when it came upon AT, it did seem a decent buy. Well done that man.
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    C55 AMG Rear Suspension Springs. Mystery Number!

    Perhaps we should do a roll call of c55, especially the estates but I suppose we could include the saloons :) Were there soft tops, don't think so. Anyway 04/54 silver estate here.
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    W124 500E

    It has a sunroof and rear parking sensors but they must be aftermarket as they are rear only and there is no telltale on the inside or button to switch them off.
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    E63 estate

    They have some nice stuff but the prices are frankly bonkers. I don't tend to dwell too long on their ads.
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    E63 estate

    This was for sale only a few months ago and I'm sure it was 3-4k cheaper than this.
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    Microsoft Office

    I used this lot for a ms office 2019 download last year. It took a bit of work and assistance from them (easy to obtain, they were very helpful) but for £20 it's been a godsend. Openoffice is fine but it often doesn't "quite" work. No idea what the offering for mac is but there seem to be some...
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    560 SEC Widebody, 500E, Hammer and SL70/73

    There are a couple of B12 owners on the Might be worth trying there if you haven't already.
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    W212 E63 6.2

    That is going to limit your choice quite a lot! I'm not that keen on silver cars but seem to have 2 amg estates on the drive and they are both silver!
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    £20k E55

    No parking sensors, which is odd. Looks nice, well detailed certainly but the drivers seat has seen some wear and not that well kept for an exemplary example. I think they'll be very lucky at that price, £12-15 maybe.
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    E55k Estate 30k miles

    Ha reminds me of a patient a good few years ago. She came in one day with a really nasty looking burn on one calf. I asked and she regaled a story of getting out of her new boyfriend's Caterham 7, only he didn't mention it had side exhausts... needless to say not her boyfriend after that. It did...
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    Cars that you have owned, and had high hopes for but moved on because you didn't like or get on with, for a particular reason?

    Rather incredibly this I really wanted one, got a decent deal and a decent car, not in grey scale and it went like a rocket with a 500bhp Manthey remap. But it wasn't at all practical (despite what they say), the alarm drove me mad, I was terrified of the carbon ceramic brakes and it did...
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    S212 E63 Kleeman wagon....

    I have to say I quite like it. I seem to be a sucker for high mileage cars (I've got 5 and only 1 is under 100k, 1 is over 200 and one is approaching 300!) but that doesn't make them bad cars. In a different place or even if it was a bit closer I might take a look, but there and waay up north...
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