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    How is Service Date calculated (excluding Mileage?

    Its calculated on mileage and number of days since the last service. It is possible your service indicator was not set correctly at your last service. If you start to book a service online and the car was previously serviced by Mercedes then the date and mileage of your last service will be...
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    Service rip off

    £1300 sounds like the cost of a 3 year service plan on MB rates so are you sure your 3rd service is not included.
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    Independents in Glos

    Home (Robin Lamb)These are in Gloucester and I have used them and had good service. Also but in Cheltenham MB&B Ltd – Independent Mercedes Specialists These have good reviews but I have no personal experience
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread - Please no Covid talk!

    This was announced in July if not sooner. I dont think Brexit affects it.
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    I had the same problem and MB diagnosed a new cluster required. The quote was £1400 but MB paid half as the car was only 4 years old. I hope your problem is battery related.
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    W204 Boot liner

    On my w204 saloon the boot liner sat on top of the carpet.
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    Extended warranty - 2017 E class saloon

    Approved used is the best warranty in my opinion. If you buy from another dealer then check any warranty documents.
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    Gla 220 d 177 bhp speed

    I think the Gla 220 has less torque than the C220, 350nm compared with 400nm so slightly different power characteristics.
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    [W212] Catalytic Converter clogged - Check Engine ON

    OPs car is petrol so wont have a DPF? I didnt think catalytic's regenerated as such but I may be wrong. I've read that they continually burn off deposits.
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    W205 c200

    Can you not get your car repaired under warranty although I know dealer access may be difficult at the moment unless your a key worker.
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    Examples of silly, stupid or selfish behaviour in the current environment..

    I dont think thats correct and thought daily exercise was permitted.
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    Examples of silly, stupid or selfish behaviour in the current environment..

    I think everyone is at risk and can possibly infect others or become infected, but some are more than others. I think the delivery driver did the right thing and followed the rules.
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    MERCEDES C Classe 2015 advice please

    Check it out on this Mercedes-Benz UK | Electronic Service Sheet
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    MERCEDES C Classe 2015 advice please

    I believe MB recommend a fluid change at 5 years or 77500 miles on the 7 g autobox but best to check with them or look at the ESS service sheet. Mine previous c class was done as recommended by MB at 5years.
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    MERCEDES C Classe 2015 advice please

    Are you sure about the autobox as on the 7g tronic from about 2011 it required a fluid change every 5 years or 75000 miles?
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