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    10 Litres of Mercedes oil 5W30 Low Ash MB229.51

    I'm selling 10 litres of genuine mercedes oil 5w30 low ash SAPS MB229.51 I bought this from Mercedes of Swansea via ebay (can show you screenshot of purchase if required) The box hasnt even been opened yet, this was originally for my w221 cdi but sold the car before I could service it. Yours...
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    2.2 diesel XF?

    I had one as a loaner for a month when the facelift model just came out. Average was 33mpg (though it did only have about 5k miles). Pick up was nice but the car itself didn't really leave me wanting.
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    Steering Wheel Buttons

    Hi Does anyone know how to change the steering wheel buttons on a 2007 S class? It seems like the spring/clip is broken as I can push the buttons in quite far but they're not doing anything. If I push the buttons hard enough I end up pushing the horn.
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    W221 Rear Air Suspension

    My w221 has decided to raise its backside to the sky and has a really bouncy ride. The yellow airmatic light has come on too. Any idea where the rear levelling sensor is so i can disconnect and try and reset it?
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    Worst Cars Of All Time

    For me it's a Fiat Multiplia or a Toyota Prius
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    Sapphire autos and Wayne Gates

    From my own personal experiences with Wayne Gates Terry has looked after my S class very well. I've broken down a fair few times and Terry has always picked up the phone (even out of hours) to accommodate me and my car to his garage and even offered advice. Every time I get my car back from...
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    slight juddering

    Hi! my w221 is juddering slightly when accelerating at certain speeds sometimes. This is between 25-30mph and 55-65mph. It feels like a wheel bearing but the judder feels like from under the car and is worse when there's a full load. Anyone had this problem?
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    w221 Red Battery Icon

    Every now and then I get a red battery icon come up on the dash Car is driving fine and no issues. It doesn't appear when driving on the motorway though only in town. Is that an alternator issue?
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    W221 Rust

    No second hand about 2 years ago. Granted it is nearly ten years old now but i've seen honda's that are older with no rust :wallbash:
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    W221 Rust

    My W221 is rusting on the inner rear wheel arches. I thought these cars were no longer rust buckets? Is this a production fault? There's no damage to those areas and it's only the rear inner arches
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    Bentley Bentayga

    If I were to buy one I'd have a no shoes policy! Just feet on that deep pile carpet is gorgeous!!
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    w221 owners?

    Got exact same problem as you Mine is the castor bushes or anti roll bar bushes. I get a scraping noise when cold when going over bumps.
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    Apologise I meant it's when I turn the wheel. The noise is coming from the caliper and it might be my eyes but I'm sure it's moving ever so slightly when I turn the wheel.
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    My W221 has developed a loud squeak from the front right wheel. When stationary or driving I can hear the squeak and I can even hear it in the cabin. I've checked the steering fluid and looks ok and there's no tightness in the steering. Just the annoying noise Any ideas?
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