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    E class coupe help please

    1) The switch panel is a single unit, there is a different complete switch panel for each configuration, I.e. it's not modular. Not all buttons are meant to be populated. And some options are model specific. The things you might find there are heated front seats, parktronic on/off, ECO on/off...
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    Property advice please?

    We don't know the circumstances of her giving-up her share... what - if anything - has been agreed verbally (in front of witnesses)... or if it was done under duress. Was she of sound mind when she did that? Etc.
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    Help with Oil for a GLA

    Either 0W-40 or 5W-40 will be fine.
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    Property advice please?

    In essence someone who makes payments towards a house may have a claim for part-ownership, but the circumstances under which she gave-up her share will be questioned. This does seem like a complex case that will require expert legal advice.
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    E class coupe help please

    BlueTEC Diesel engines can be expensive to repair if/when things go wrong... if buying one of those, I would get a mechanical warranty (if buying privately), or I'd buy only from a trader whose warranty I can trust.
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    Even more new jokes...

    Two books meet at the library. One book tells the other "You look so much thinner!" The other book says "Thanks! I had my appendix removed" (I'll get my 🧥 )
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    Help with Oil for a GLA

    Incidentally, MB-branded oil is going (relatively) cheap on eBay. E.g.:
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    Help with Oil for a GLA

    A 2014 Diesel car will definitely have DPF. The oil to buy will be any oil that meets MB Spec Sheet 229.51, or better still, the newer 229.52.
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    Property advice please?

    Did she just go one day to the Land Registry office and removed her name? Or is there a signed agreement between your SIL and her ex where she agrees to do this as part of a settlement?
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    38 all around is what I would do as well. 2-3 PSI above the high figure is fine, and if the car isn't loaded I would keep the same pressure all around. Inflation pressure on the high side will make for sportier ride, lower fuel consumption, and lower tyre wear. The only downside is...
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    Parts and servicing receipts

    As long at the invoice has the Mercedes Benz logo at the top, no one will care (or even notice) which particular dealer the parts were purchased from.
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    Using MB branded engine oil

    Good question. So its either Genuine Engine Oil 5W-40, or AMG High Performance Engine Oil 0W-40. Is there a reason why AMG engines would need 0W oil instead of 5W?
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    Battery warning
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    Recent purchase thread

    Just ordered this: We'll see what I get..... 🤔
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    Command online-how to connect

    The Samsung phone will first need to be connected to COMAND via Bluetooth as a normal phone i.e. for voice calls. Then, on the Samsung, go to settings, 'Connections', 'Mobile Hotspot and Tethering', and enable the option 'Bluetooth tethering'. (The actual location of the option 'Bluetooth...
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