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    Face Lift Conversion W207 to C207

    Wow right, all I can say is thanks to you all you have made up my mind 100% and i am not even going to attempt to do a facelift. I keep hearing people talking about doing facelifts so i thought it was a common and simple thing to do, but judging by your responses I can see the headache which i...
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    Face Lift Conversion W207 to C207

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and looking around seems like a nice place. I have an E Class convert and have been thinking of doing a face lift conversion. i have tried to find someone on this forum that has already done it but had no joy. I have found a bumper and a pair of headlights going...
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    Performance air filter

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    how to wash a microfibre towel

    Hot wash only its the best way
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    Clay V Glove

    What is the lifespan of the clay Mitt? my mate used his one on my car at the weekend, not along with the G3 detailer, to show me the finish and I was sold. Compared to the bar which you can twist and remold, the glove done the job but how many times can it be used. I have had one Meguairs Clay...
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    Spent the day on it......

    Can I ask what you used
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    Not Ebay But A Bargain!!

    E class Coupe/Convertible face lift parts
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