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    broken electric window arm

    HI, My electric window on my E class estate (1997) stopped working, I have removed the door panel, The arm that move's the window up and down is missing some sort of bolt, And the metal work for the arm is all bent, I think i will need someone to repair it other than me, I am in Hastings, Can...
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    W123 230 ce, Automatic problems,

    Just had it fixed, It was the switch under the accelerator pedal that had broken , The guy disconnected a lead and now works fine!!!!!!!!! £55
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    W123 230 ce, Automatic problems,

    I had a guy look at it he tells me it's the valve body, Going tocost around 300-350 does that sound right? thank You
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    W123 230 ce, Automatic problems,

    Hi, I am having problems with the automatic transmission on my 230ce w123 saloon, When driving the gears do not change for quite a while, It's like it is stuck in first gear then all of a sudden it will change down and go into 3rd gear, Can anybody help or know of a good place to take it, I am...
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    Mercedes e 230 elegance estate auto 97

    Hi, I am looking for an estate and saw this car on classic car, I have around £2500 to spend, Does anyone have or recomend this car, I am torn between this and the c class, Thank You , any help much appreciated
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    W123 wheel hub, White, 230e 1984

    Hi, I am looking for a white wheel hup, Thank You Mercedes 230e 1984 w123
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    Badge for w123 230ce 1984

    ````thank You
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    Badge for w123 230ce 1984

    Just had my badge nicked :mad:, Anyone know where i can find a replacement? It is for the one on the front , Thank You
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    Leaking sunroof, door trim

    Hello i have a 230e 1984 4 door W123, I have just relized due to this bad weather that i have a major leak!!!!! I cant tell if it is coming in through the manual sunroof or around the passenger door, There was about 2 inches of water under the seat, Does anyone know where i can get this looked...
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    Leaking Sunroof W123

    Leaking sunroof There is a gap that is larger on one side of the sunroof , Which is letting in water, Thanks
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    Leaking Sunroof W123

    Just found out today that the sunroof on my 230E W123 1984 has started leaking, I need to get replacement seals to go around the sunroof, the sunroof is a manual one, Does anybody know where i could get this done, I am currently in Hastings but come up to London once a month, Thank You
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    Mercedes Garage in East Sussex

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I have just moved to Hastings and am looking for a good Mercedes garage , I have a 1984 230E auto , I would like to find someone who is pretty local, Any ideas? Thank you in advance
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