1. S

    Vito drinking fuel £13 = 40 miles

    Having a few issues with fuel economy (or lack of). £13 @ £1.38 p/l = approx 40 miles solid urban use only. Van not even quarter loaded. I have a major ticking / chattering noise between 2+3k revs so try to keep below that. Seals were replaced on injectors before I bought the van. Just had a...
  2. LTD

    Got a spare £13 and like the odd curry ?

    Can I recommend you buy this book ? Simply Jiggy: The Ashoka Cookschool Cookbook: Amazon.co.uk: Jiggy Majhu: Books Too many cookbooks get too arty-farty about cooking curry and we all know that the Indo-Pakistani families have their own favoured recipes passed on from generation to...
  3. A

    Track Day or Similar Camera £13 !!

    Hello Came across this..it has different mounts with it also. 7dayshop.com - Online Store and a video here of the quality YouTube - DVR D011 Car Dash Camera Review YouTube - test footage from D011 dash cam Now for Christams, its better than some socks etc, a nice little gadget...
  4. 5

    W124 E36 Cab - £13,990

    E36 AMG CAB Very rare vehicle! Has even got the original AMG bodykit which some dont have. Looks very nice, but miles high at 134k?
  5. pentoman

    Ebay '98 E55 at £13,000

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=9855&item=4510638033&rd=1 Seems cheap though the reserve is not met. 45 mins left! Will these push the values of E500E's down, or are those too enthusiast orientated?
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