1. M

    2001 163 ml 270 cdi sunroof electrics issue

    Evening all. Had my car off of the Rd for a couple of weeks over Xmas to recon the auto gearbox. I forgot to disconnect battery - this maybe just a coincidence - now all up and running the large "safari??" sunroof will not slide back?? Normally I press button on roof back once quickly and it...
  2. S

    ML 163 diesel injectors

    Hi all, Apologies, if I'm posting in the wrong place. I've got what would appear to be a knackered injector on 2.7d 02 ML. Does anyone know if this is an easy replacement for a DIY mechanic? Many thanks Steve
  3. S

    Changing an ml 163 interior anyone?

    Has anyone completely swapped their ML interior for another colour before? I'm considering changing mine if it's not too difficult.
  4. M

    163 ML towbar

    I'm after a towbar (and wiring) for a 2003 ML. I'd prefer a removable one but would consider anything. Thanks in advance, Martyn
  5. B

    ml 163 6th and 7th black leather seats

    Up for sale is my rear seats just never use them in great condition comes with matching headrests 350 ono Can ship for 30
  6. W

    W202 C200 Kompressor (163 BHP) - Serious tuning time!

    Hi there! My name is Will and I've recently just invested in a 2000 W202 C200 Kompressor and I want to do a few tuning bits to it so I can get more ponies. As some of you may know for tax and emissions regulations here in the UK the C200K (M111.943 I believe) was throttled back from 190 ish...
  7. shorty

    163 key syncing

    Evening all The remote locking on my 163 ML has never worked .I have isolated the cause to the a faulty AAM. I have sourced a replacement unit with matching part numbers, I have fitted this but cannot get my keys to re-sync. Can I change the programming via STAR ? or is there a different...
  8. shorty

    163 raido amp

    Hey all Ive just bought a 163 Ml , nice jeep but I have 2 problems that might be linked . The raido wont pick up any stations , the the ariel cable is connected to the head unit , I checked .The other issue is with the remote locking , it dosnt work . The key is brand new , ive tried...
  9. supersport

    163 undertray fixings?

    drove through numerous puddles over the weekend, after one the undertray was dragging, it had come off on the nearside I was able to reach from under the drivers side and pull it off fully, there were no clips or fastenings attached to the undertray and none came off when I pulled the undertray...
  10. Howard

    ML 163 Wheelbolts

    Hi gang My dad has just bought some new wheels for his ML430 , currently he has these on it :- Mercedes alloy wheels | Genuine new 17" Mercedes Thuban | fits Mercedes M Class W163 | Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd and he has just bought a set of these instead :- Mercedes alloy wheels |...
  11. T

    ML 163 - Drivers Seat Cushion (Without Cover)

    New - Never been fitted - Pt No A163 910 05 50 for Drivers seat ( R/H Drive) Never got round to fitting it and have since sold the Car. Cost from Dealer £121.82. Offers
  12. U

    MERCEDES ML 163 brake light failure

    Can anyone please tell me where to locate my brake light switch on a 52 plate 2003 merc ml 270cdi.Thought that it was under dash behind pedal but unless i am bind I cannot locate it.Am i looking in the wrong place,could really appreciate some help.
  13. M

    Slightly sloppy 6 speed gear lever on a 163 ML

    Does any 163 ML owners know how to fix a sloppy/loose feel to the gear lever. I haven't taken it out to check yet but I suspect there's a bush of some sort that's worn out (car has 123K on it). Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  14. VTurbo

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163
  15. T

    ML 163 Recall's

    Mercedes-Benz is issuing a recall for its 2000-2002 M-Class and 2000-2004 M-Class AMG models after reports that hitting the brakes may not automatically turn off cruise control. The recall affects 136,751 vehicles built between August 1999 and June 2004. The recall follows a preliminary...
  16. VTurbo

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163

    Wanted Bull Bar and side steps, good money waiting :thumb: Its for a ML 1999!
  17. J

    W 163 Auto Trasmission

    Hi, Sometimes on decelerating , usually when braking hard , the autobox is slow to come down through the gears and results in a slight "thud" is this normal for this 4x4 model, YES I have serviced the box . ?????????
  18. mustang

    ml 163 amg front fog lights ??

    hi all. i have just found out that my front lights in the amg front bumper are not wired in ?? the plugs are just hanging there. i have never had to use them until now. so firstly 1 mine is a 2001 with amg style front bumper with the 2x round lights in them 2 are these the fog lights ? 3 i...
  19. T

    ML 163 Driver Seat Back - loose Side Cushion

    The side part of the Seat back is loose compared to the otherside and the passenger seat. Any idea how it's attached before I dismantle for a look?
  20. BlackC55

    AMG Wheels for 163 ML WANTED

    As above I want some AMG's for Emma's ML W163 Thanks
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