1. D

    AMG Monoblocks 17s and 18s for Sale

    two sets of my wheels for sale: 4 x 18" AMG Monoblock Genuine non-staggered 8" wheels & tyres 5x112 225/40/18 | eBay 17" Mercedes C43 AMG Staggered Wheels 5x112 | eBay Looking for 19 monoblocks for my W140
  2. A

    Genuine Mercedes W212 AMG staggered alloys on brand new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT - 18s

    For sale we have a set of original Mercedes AMG alloys on brand new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tyres. 235/40/18 94Y - 8X18 ET45 (front) £115 each on Blackcircles. 255/35/18 94Y - 8.5x18 ET48 (back) £130 each on Blackcircles Part numbers: A2074010000 (front) A2124010300 (back) The tyres are...
  3. jke11y

    W212 18s on C218 CLS

    I am going round in circles here trying to work out what will fit; willtheyfit.com says that this will make the front wheel 13mm closer to the suspension but i am not sure if that is a problem or not? STD CLS 19s front - 19x8.5 ET34.5 255/35/19 rear - 19 x 9/5 ET48 285/30/19 W212 18s...
  4. F

    Looking to Swap My 18s for 17 Inch Wheels

    Hey guys I am looking to downgrade my wheels size as I mentioned in another thread. Im basically looking for a direct swap. My car is 2011 E350 CDI SPORT SALOON, it has the 18 inch Mercedes AMG Wheels. I am looking to swap my wheels for ideally w212 avantgarde original mercedes 17s or any...
  5. H20 MRV

    c63 amg 18s, new with tyres f/s

    My C63 wheels and tyres, 600 miles only. Discount to forum member of course!! Mercedes C63 Wheels genuine | eBay
  6. K

    18" AMG wheels for vehicles* between 2004-2009

    Hopefully the title is self explanatory but if not, I'm looking for 18" AMG wheels. C Class/E Class/SL/SLK/CLK doesn't matter as long as its OEM from 2004 -2009ish Thanks!
  7. S

    18s on standard w203?

    Hi everybody! First post here and looking forward to getting around, just purchased my CClass Coupe today so going to clean it up and take some pics! My first question though, I feel the 16" alloys get a little lost with the car, so I'll certainly be buying some 18s... Does the car look...
  8. d w124

    8 hole 18s

    Like those a lot,not at that price though Parts & Accessories : 18 inch 8 hole wheels
  9. B

    C63 AMG 19s or 18s?

    The 19s look nice but the 18s look very appealing come cleaning day. The demo I drove had 18s and the pp and rode well. I am not having the PP so would welcome opinions on the two.
  10. P

    AMG 18s

    Have for sale set of genuine AMG 18 inch alloys, super condition, nearly new tyres, part numbers for wheels are HWA2104010202 9x18 ET 35 rear, HWA 1294010102 ET 31 front, Tyre size 255 35 18 rear, 225 40 18 front, wheels looked fantastic on my e class, only had them on for four...
  11. Iyse

    New 18s baby

    Yesterday I ordered the alloys I've wanted for months, £630 including tyres, wheel nuts, centre caps and delivery. Fantastic. So I painted the calipers red that day, and fitted my brand new wheels today. Crap pics, taken on my phone, but I'll get better ones later. All wrapped up, ready for...
  12. Iyse

    17s and 18s

    I just called sales up and he said that 225/45/18 tyres would fit a 98 W202. I was also told that 225/45/17 tyres would fit. I may be going crazy, but surely if 17s fit on a certain tyre, the 18s wouldn't fit the same tyre (with a different rim size ofcourse)... Please help. :(
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