1. A

    WANTED - Alternator for 1991 230 TE

    Anyone got one for sale? Original is a Bosch and I believe a 55Amp jobbie
  2. M

    1991 500SEL for sale (damaged engine)

    Good condition car fully loaded. Damaged engine due to timing chain slippage. Would suit someone after spares or repairs. More info if you want it, please ask. No sensible offer refused, needs to make way for an intended W140 replacement.
  3. M

    1991 500SEL timing "slippage"

    Hello - first post. I have a 1991 500SEL that refused to start last week (had run as quiet as you could wish and flawlessly up until then - barring every now and then the engine would fail to turn upon start up- suggestion was "missing teeth on starter motor" as a possibility - this was due...
  4. M

    1991 300SE

    Finally got round to taking a couple of pics. Blue-black metallic Mushroom leather Low-ish spec (no A/C, cruise or electric seats) Bog standard except for new Kenwood head unit No Ecoteks yet! 105k miles Doesn't look quite so good close up!
  5. Koolvin

    PeterG's 1991 SL

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