1. dan-mb

    Correct running temperature 209 CLK 240 V6 Petrol

    So today I had a nice 6 hour 300 mile round trip to north Wales to take the dog to the beach (I was bored). Motorway speeds and occasional spirited driving ;) the engine temp never went above 80-84 I have recently had a new oil cooler fitted in the rad. I can't remember what it used to run at on...
  2. S

    W209 CLK 240 Remap

    Hello,i recently bought a clk240 but i am pretty dissapointed in its power since my old car is a w208 2.3 kompressor,so i would like to at least remap it so i can squeeze a little more power into it. Well i found this chip online,has anybody dealt with them before? is it worth it ?They claim...
  3. C

    2003 clk 240 w209 - amp power feed

    Hi. Can anyone direct me in the best method to run a power cable from the battery through the bulkhead? I removed the battery but couldn't see any obvious path. Thanks
  4. E

    2004 (54) W209 CLK 240 strange central locking issue

    Hi there, 'tis I...again seeking more help, please. I got home last night and when I pushed the lock button on the keyfob, the central locking made a very funny clacking noise and I could see the door lock "knobs" jumping up and down, i.e. locking and unlocking in quick succession for a...
  5. D

    Rough 240

    Have a 2004 CLK cab 240 which if I leave for more than about 36 hours on starting will run rough on a few cylinders and feels as if its flooding as when I touch the pedal it will die. Any suggestions?:dk:
  6. Mclk230

    Hello i have a w209 clk 240 engine running bad

    The eml light is on but you plug it in and it give no codes the car is very sluggish and underpowered at the moment any help would be great
  7. L

    2001 W203 240 Odd brake light switch problem

    Hi all. This is a completely revised post to one posted earlier as things have changed and the old post is no longer relevant. 2001 W203 240 with the common EAS, ABS, limp home problem. All signs point to the brake light switch which I changed for a new Lucas unit straight away. With either...
  8. W

    E 240 T (S210) ( 2000 ) Engine dead while driving

    Hi everyone After I read a lot of posts and I coudn't find what to do. My car is : E 240 T ( S 210 ) ( 2000 ) 2.4 L , 6 V, petrol Country : Norway I bought it before one month and was working perfect, I used petrol from used car garage , before 10 days the problem start when I try to start...
  9. W

    2002 Mercedes Benz clk 240 avantgarde

    Here is my much loved clk 240 for sale, just passed mot with no advisers and only 102k. Fsh, fully black leather and your usual standard features. Bad points Srs light is on, relating to passenger seat I few chips here and there, due to idiots that can't park. Any questions etc please...
  10. L

    Clk 240 mpg

    Afternoon, What mpg should I expect from my 2006 CLK240 Convertible? I haven't got a very heavy right foot and do mainly around town driving with short distance duel carriage way driving. I am averaging low 20's, is this standard?? Thanks for any help in advance.
  11. F

    Lowering Springs for clk 240

    Anyone got a set of lowering springs sat doing nothing for my Clk 240 convertible (2004) W209. Looking for a drop of 30-35mm, thanks.
  12. B

    03 clk 240

    Hi All Silly little but annoying problem, just bought my first Merc. 2003 CLK 240 and it has one annoying little problem, most of the time display says no malfunctions but if I turn on the lights it says 1 malfunction, licence plate light right, this light is however working, to be sure I...
  13. D

    240 gd engine plate

    hello everyone i am trying to find the model year of an engine with the plate attached its in a danish military 240gd any help or direction to find it would be greatly appreciated thanks mike
  14. W

    c class 240 Sticky auto box

    hi all I'm new to the Mercedes owner club I hope you can help me I have just purchased a c class 240 1999 the car has a problem with the auto box when I start her the car drives fine then when she gets a bit warm the gears keep sticking it's driving me nuts I have to stop turn her off then back...
  15. dan-mb

    209 clk 240 coupe wont start-help!!!

    :crazy: This morning i tried to start the clk, i turned the key like normal-dash lights up as normal but nothing happens when the key gets to the third click & it just wont start. Ive checked the car is in park gear....the two keys i tried both have power. I did notice it say on the trip...
  16. U

    SRS Error weeks before MOT help needed clk 240 2004

    Hey i just Replaced the seat belt retainer after it broke (would not retain at all) and on the cluster saying srs restraint system service and srs was on after the replacement i have a new message on the cluster saying restraint system defective visit workshop and with the srs light still on...
  17. dan-mb

    New member introduction CLK 240 coupe :)

    Hi all Last month i purchased a CLK 240 w209 coupe.. im loving the V6 and just thought i would introduce myself and try and fit in! Ive been reading the forum threads for a while and decided this was the best community for MB enthusiasts. Nice to meet you all in advance! Dan
  18. PeterE320Cdi

    Accelerator Pedal from 320 fit 240?

    I have found an Accelerator Pedal from A 2003 CLK 320 on ebay for a good price, can anyone tell me if it will work on my CLK 240 and if it is a simple fit.
  19. B

    Clk 240 avantgarde 2002 engine wanted

    Hi guys. In need of a full working engine for my w209 CLK 240 avantgarde 52 plate! Please give us a shout if you have one knocking about or please direct me to anywhere you know I can get hold of a good one for a reasonable price.. Thanks
  20. U

    clk 240 6 cd changer, burn cd question

    hi have clk 240 2004, with the 6 cd changer and the becker audio 10 headunit i was just asking what does formats does the cd changer supports, i've read that it read mp3 but it im not sure of the biterate and other formats also what is the best way of burning to cd any information...
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