1. WIBB

    new 2MB Club uk

    Hi to everyone !!
  2. grasmere

    1Mb to 2Mb - can anyone tell the difference?

    I've been on 1Mb broadband for a few months now and can upgrade for an extra £3 to 2Mb - but is it worth it? The change from dial up to 512Kb was fantastic and from 512Kb to 1Mb 'seemed' to be noticeable but what do you guys think of goig from 1 to 2 Mb please Ian
  3. marc777

    "Free" upgrade 2MB BT Broadband - sting in the tail

    Got offered free upgrade from 1MB to 2MB Broadband - no additonal fee and no additonal contract. Seemed a good deal. Subsequently learnt from the BT website that if we had opted out then our monthly charges would have fallen about 45% ! Thats nearly £500 a year. So now have had to...
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