1. P

    Rclass 320L suspension issues on right side

    hi all. can anyone suggest a cure for a right side suspension drop on a R320L 2008 model. running airmatic rear and springs upfront. when car is turned off , right side drops but when on a run it picks up to normal ride height. would appreciate any help. thanks
  2. ss201

    Mercedes W140 320L stolen

    A fellow Mercedes-Benz Club member had his car stolen over the weekend from Pembrokeshire, while he was away. It was his pride and joy, so if anyone comes across a similar for sale, please PM me Description as follows: 1997 S320 Long wheel base The car in very good condition with 2 new Wings...
  3. alanuk400

    2003 w220 320l 2003 £4995

    This seems a cheap car S CLASS MERCEDES Cars for Sale belfast Belfast I know from the picture background that it was taken in Wilsons Auctions Mallusk but the map is only half a mile from my place if anyone is interested. Alan
  4. P

    w220,320L,S class, exhaust rattle

    2001, 90,000 miles, Can anyone advise me please,(do not want to scrap car) i have this intermittent rattle coming from the exhaust system that alters with engine speed, i have been to 2 well known exhaust centres that have both said catalytic converters are the problem, now do i fit after...
  5. P

    w220 2001 320L S Class, sat nav aerial id

    Someone must know what aerial lead looks like that plugs into back of comand unit, help please need to get sorted, my winter project on jobs to do list, my time clock on dash is always slow as i think it gets a gps time signal from nav, i do correct time but clock looses time daily:doh:
  6. C43AMG

    My W220 SClass 320L

    As from the 8th January 2008 my SClass will be for sale. On the 7th it is going to Brooklands for a " B " Service. If anyone is interested please PM me and i will Email the specification and photo's. Just to say it will have done 87,000 miles, registered June 2002 one owner full MBSH and...
  7. C43AMG

    Photo's of my S-CLASS 320L

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