1. Marcosal

    R129 320SL Passenger Door Window Adjustment

    I have a 1999 320SL that has a passenger door window that is tilted slightly too far back when closed and is catching the trim when opening and shutting the door. The automatic rise and fall works perfectly and give the correct clearance at the top so that is not the problem. I have found...
  2. smurgewurfler

    1996 R129 320SL - non start

    This is sorted I hope but I thought it worth telling the tale in case anyone has a similar experience. My SL is garaged and usually gets a run every month or so throughout the year, weather permitting. The battery has always survived this without the need of a battery conditioner. A recent gap...
  3. C

    320SL not changing up to top gear

    I have a 2000 model 320SL. There are 2 issues which may or may not be related. On some days the gearbox works perfectly. On other days (like today) it does not change up from 4th to 5th even when driving at 70mph on a dual carriageway. The cruise control seems to have the same problem i.e. it...
  4. big_sl_56_amg

    plugs for 320sl v6

    need a set, whats the best place?
  5. alrich33

    320sl amg wheels

    Hi Im looking for a set of AMG 18" wheels for my 320SL Does anyone have a set :cool:
  6. B

    What tyres 320sl

    Ok here goes got a 320sl mille miglia with orig alloys they have 245 45 r17 continentals on at mo however they need replacing,on wear indicator.The cars insured for 3k a year might not even do that, local tyre place said might be an idea to change tyre size for better comfort/noise !! Now, im no...
  7. M

    320sl engine warning light

    Hi, can anyone help. The yellow engine warning light came on my 36000ml 320 sl (2001) approx 3 weeks ago. it went in for new pads and they reset the fault but werent sure what the problem was. I have since had a full service including plugs and the light has come back on today. The car seems to...
  8. D

    My 320SL for sale

    Due to unforseen circumstances I am selling my SL (nothing to do with the car) 2001 on a Y. I am the third owner. Immaculate condition, new rear screens, alloys refurbished by pristine and 43000 miles. It was serviced by Mercedes twice and by an indy at 35000 miles and has since had an oil...
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