1. G

    FREE: 3.5mm jack AUX input cable for Audio 20 NTG2

    I had this fitted to my Audio 20 (NTG 2) in A200, and it is now redundant. Works perfectly fine, including with a bluetooth adapter for streaming music from iPhone, etc. It plugs into the connector 3, pins 6,11,12. Free on its own, or £3 if you want the bluetooth adapter with it...
  2. gadget1960

    Replica 8.5 x 18 35mm offset mercedes alloys

    Hi all, I have these wheels for sale, run straight and true, no buckles, no damage, very light curbing, require a full refurb to make a nice set of wheels, I have part polished / flatted one wheel to give you an idea of how they look cleaned up by hand. They are 8.5 x 18 with a 35mm offset...
  3. G

    FREE: 3.5mm AUX Jack Socket

    For anyone considering a DIY install* of an AUX input - I have four 3.5mm AUX Jack female sockets to give away. I only needed one, but bizarrely it was cheaper to buy a pack of 10, than a single one on AliExpress. So, here were are - I'm keeping three unused ones, just in case, but the rest...
  4. N

    W639 Vito/Viano Aux-in Socket Location

    I've just bought part number B66560108 to add aux-in on my Viano with NTG2 but not sure where the factory location is for the socket so I can mount it in the correct place. I've tried searching everywhere but to no avail :dk: Any idea's? Thanks!
  5. C

    Auxiliary 3.5mm socket

    The one in the glove box....... I connected a jack into it with a USB connector on the other end. I attached a USB stick with music on it but when l selected the aux setting on the disc function of my Audio 20 it didn't play the music. Any ideas where I'm going wrong??
  6. J

    3.5mm audio jack on w211???

    I've recently purchased a 56 plate w211 and I'm in desperate need of audio solutions. Is there any way or connecting a lead to the back of the standard 2.0 mercedes stereo that will enable me to play iPhone it ipod? Ideally a 3.5mm jack connection? Many thanks in advance
  7. gr4z

    3.5mm and dock cable for Iphone

    Anyone know if this solution works well with 2012 W204? Proxima iPhone 3.5mm Audio and USB Dock Cable: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics I tend to use Bluetooth to connect my Iphone to the head unit, but assume this will give a better audio connection...
  8. DSLiverpool

    R230 - Moving Aux 3.5mm Socket

    The Aux / iphone plays well but having thesocket in the glovebox is a pain. Moving to the centre console or ashtray would be much better - anyone done this ((pics) or is there a better way ? I can get a Comand from a 2009 SL500 - how hard to fit to my 2004 ? I have the Bose stuff Lovely day...
  9. N

    Help needed: Ipod controls through glovebox 3.5mm jack

    So went and bought a W211 2008 220 cdi today (pick up next week) and having scoured the forum for info I am still puzzled about whether there is a reasonably priced solution to allow me to actually control the ipod and see tracks etc. through the screen? I am not sure of all the tech jargon...
  10. Jukie

    Minolta AF Zoom 90 35mm camera

    Excellent working order, very rarely used. Comes with case, sadly no manual. No, it's not digital but still a good piece of kit. Perhaps may suit a "learner" or an enthusiast as a spare? £20 inc P&P, ono. PM me if interested. David.
  11. Satch

    Dixons to stop selling 35mm cameras

    Inevitable I suppose. "High Street retailer Dixons, which started by selling 35mm cameras, is to stop stocking the items because of the popularity of digital cameras. The company has said it will not be stocking any more after the current stock of the film cameras runs out. Marketing...
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