1. W

    G Wagon 3dr

    Looking for a VGC G Wagon - Will pay what's needed to obtain this much wanted vehicle. I have searched high and low on web but no joy :wallbash: so if anyone has one stashed away for a rainy day I could have the funds you are waiting for.
  2. W

    G Wagon 3dr

    Hi all I am new to the site so not sure if I am in the right place ! I am trying to find out when Mercedes stopped manufacturing the 3 dr g wagon and also if anyone knows of a new one that I could purchase ? I am prepared to pay a good price for the right car Any help would be much...
  3. N

    Mercedes-Benz G Wagen 3.0d 300 GD 3dr 4WD

    Mercedes G300 G WAGEN for sale, 1986 Mercedes G wagon;, Recent import;, Painted in black;, Very good shape;, It has about 60000 miles, new battery, new springs, new shock absorbers, new break pads, and almost new tires., Location of the vehicle is London., BLACK, £10,000 Call 07786952238
  4. J

    Reflex Silver MK4 Golf R32 3dr + Extras 2004

    I have a new project I'm looking to get soon so I'm selling both my Golfs i purchased this after my Bmw 1M, i love these R32's such an amazing car for sub 9k and the noise of these 3.2 v6's with Millteks! (we all like a nice noise on AMG forum ;)) Thought I'd put my ad on here in case anyone...
  5. ringway

    Once owned by MBClub Member? W203 220 CDI SE 3dr Auto, Pan Roof, Evo Pack & Leather.

    Hi everyone, Was this 203 once owned by a forum member? LINK. I ask the question because it has been looked after by PCS. Mrs Ringway's brother is thinking of buying it (his first MB) so any information would be much appreciated. TIA. Paul.
  6. C

    Hello, and a c180k 3dr?

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum as i am looking to upgrade to a c class 180k 3 door 200-2004 for my next car as i love mercs and the insurance for me once i turn 19 and get my years no claims (not long after Christmas) will be £1200! compared to the £2100 i pay for my 1.2 corsa b now...
  7. Gollom

    Urgent opinions please....C220 CDI 3dr Auto

    Here Went to look at this today. They have not got round to valeting/prepping as yet and even then it looked pretty tidy. No apparant rust, engine bay looked clean (without the clean look that says it has been cleaned for the occasion!) only slight kerbing to the wheels (well, previous owner...
  8. vealige

    My 2003, 3DR MK4 Golf R32 in Reflex Silver

    For Sale My 2003, 3 Door MK4 Golf R32 in Reflex Silver • Mileage: 56,434 (will increase as car still in use) • Full VW Service History (2 year VW service pack sold with car all services and MOT’s paid for the next two years.) • Next service Due August 2011 including Brake Fluid Change (Car...
  9. gina2201

    1996 VW POLO 3dr RED

    On ebay... ;) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250201719465&_trksid=p3907.m32&_trkparms=tab%3DSelling
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