1. CLSMark

    Removing 501 bulbs on CLS 2010

    I can get my fingers to wobble them, but I can't seem to get any purchase, Anybody know any magic to get them out?
  2. vijilants

    Can anyone recommend 501 W5W LEDs for a pre facelift W204 that won't melt ?

    Folks, I'm on my second set of side light leds (501 W5W) in my pre facelift W204 and in a very short space of time they appear to burn out due to heat issues in the housing. Probably heat rising up from the headlamp housing below is melting the LED circuitry. Has anyone experienced this and if...
  3. D

    led 501's?

    I tried to replace my 501 sidelights today with led ones. They would illuminate for a split second then flash once every other second. Has anyone found a brand that works well in their car? Thanks, Dan
  4. I

    w203 - 2006 - 501 side lights ?

    Hi All, Being new to MB (only had the car 2 days), I wanted to upgrade the side light to the white LED type. 1. I am right in thinking my car uses the 501 type sidelight bulb? 2. Will I get a error on the dashboard? Thanks IceBoy
  5. merc man

    501 to leds

    just as the title says i want to add leds to my side lights but get the warning on the dash, also tried adding the resistors accross the circuit but no luck, is there a setting that can be done on the star to enable these to work woth out adding the resitors ect, (like settting the xenons to...
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