1. d w124

    Low mileage 5.0l r129

    Well worth the money Mercedes 500SL R129 5.0 32v 30000 documented miles For Sale (1998) on Car And Classic UK
  2. flango

    M119 5.0l v8

    Hi all would welcome an opinion on the above engine any known issues, gearbox compatibility problems etc. Thinking of maybe straying into V8 territory but don't want to be buying a money pit. I'm well aware of the high fuel consumption and thats not a problem, what I am more interested in is...
  3. dino645

    5.0L 450 SLC Lightweight Project

    Saw this 5.0 litre 450 SLC, which is a rare car to find. LHD Looks like a project for someone, but they are very difficult to find...
  4. N

    SL500 M119 5.0l Engine needed!

    Thanks to a broken timing chain at about 100 MPH I could really do with a new engine for a 96 SL500. Valves have made good contact with pistons etc and would rather just transplant a known good lump in rather than rebuild this old one. Thanks
  5. 5

    M119 500e 5.0l V8

    500E Engine offered at eBay.de: 500E ENGINE Not too sure about the condition, but seems cheap enough at the moment?
  6. ADY1983

    Whats the chance of this fitting in my W124?? 5.0L V8

    Just seen this and thought, I wonder if this would fit in my W124 300ce any Ideas?? its in Ely and my Dad is working there for the next 3 weeks http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mercedes-Benz-1993-S500-W140-5-0-V8-Engine-143-000_W0QQitemZ4636205060QQcategoryZ10398QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. inetd

    HOW-TO: Replacing Cam Oil Line Fittings (Oil Guides) on the 119 (5.0L) V8

    My how-to to replace oil guides or oil channels on a 119 motor (5.0L V8) http://www.baxnet.net/merc/oilguides/story.htm
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