1. X

    CLS ACC Adaptive cruise

    Hi, Still looking to buy one, missed out on a nice one at the auction with Drivers Assistant Pack because I was unsure what is what with ACC. question, What is the difference between, Driver Assistant package Collision Prevention Assist Plus, Distronic and plus I assume if I see the...
  2. noogieman

    Reputable shop in UK fixing dead pixles on my acc HU?

    I was watching Discovery Channel on my dumb teevee. I must confess I do it very often! :rock: :bannana: It was an old episode of Wheela 'n' Deela with Mr. Mike and cool Edd China. Mr. China is very cool and knows how to repair stuff. Mr. Mike is cool finding cars at a bargain price most of...
  3. M

    W204 2010 Ignition ACC fuse in engine bay location

    Hi guys searched the forum but not found an answer hence why i'm starting a new thread! Just looking for a ignition ACC spare fuse in the engine bay of a W204 2010 Pictures would be great if not just a number. Thanks Minesh
  4. M

    Business lease, but pay for it from personal acc.

    All, Has anyone took out a business lease with MB, but paid for it from a personal account? i.e. used their VAT reg'd busness to get the cheaper lease option, but not use it as a company car. Thanks,
  5. brens-e200

    No back light on w210 ACC panel

    hi Just back from driving my ( new to me ) 1999 E240 tonight and noticed that there is no back-light on the ACC display panel. All the button leds work i just cant see the display but the display is visible in daylight , it was the first time since i got the car on Saturday to drive at night ...
  6. kyle

    cruise not working in 5th gear and wont acc on lever

    I have retro fitted cruise control to my 1998 c180 w202 manual. All i did was install the stalk, drove it down the road on the off chance it would work and it sort of does. it works in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th but not 5th. Also when i try acc with the stalk it starts to acc then just coasts...
  7. elviscymru

    no acc power

    On my e220 cdi yr 2000 the after market dvd player doesnt go off when i remove the key. pulled the head unit out,its not connected to the acc lead, the acc lead is dead. Is there a fuse for this ? If so anyone know where it is ?
  8. compress ignite

    ACC mono-valve

    I'm on a mission! 1147412037 is the Mercedes part # for the Mono-Valve (that controls coolant flow to the heater core in the passenger compartment). 1990 300D 2.5 turbo [known in parts of Europe and Asia as a 250D 2.5 turbo]. 'Roughly $150.00 U.S.D. 1147213007 is the Mercedes part # number for...
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