1. Ala

    w208 CLK Convertible (2001) roof adjustments

    Hi All, My CLK's roof works fine but needs the rear cover pushing down lightly to fully close as part of the roof lowering cycle. Is there any adjustment that can be made to the roof to stop this happening? Once the roof has been done once in a day it is fine its just if it is not used for a...
  2. S

    Camber adjustments

    Folks, As you know my car has been lowered with Eibach springs and Bilstein B12 dampers. I've checked my receipt from the garage which done the work and there is a £165 entry for steering geometry. The car as we all know has been driving immensely. I have now changed all 4 of my tyres to...
  3. sub_zero

    Noisy Seat Belts height adjustments W124

    Hi all, Everytime I go through road pumps or have a turn I hear the seat belts height adjustments clicking and ticking,I tried to get used to this sound but I couldn't,is this normal? is there any work around to eliminate this sound or reduce it? My star is W124 E220 made in 1995. Sub_zero
  4. fabes

    Auto box - poor shift - any adjustments?

    Hi I have a 6sp seq auto on my C220CDI coupe The change up from 1st to second leaves what I think is a lot to be desired. Having been in a Jag auto this weekend (the only other auto I have been in since getting my 3 year old Merc 3 months ago) the shift up was nigh on seamless. Unless I...
  5. W

    W203 - Bi-Xenon Adjustments

    Does anyone know how to / what should be the height etc etc for your headlights. When i changed the headlights over i copied the exact settings from the others however i feel the passenger side is just a bit high. Am i better to take it in somewhere?
  6. L_A

    Camber adjustments

    I am having my w210 lowered next friday and was wondering whether i would need my cambers adjusted and where i would get this done from. The last thing i want is to have uneven tyre wear. Would a 4 wheel alignment cover camber adjustments ?
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