1. developer

    Estate Agents

    I try to keep an open mind, really I do :crazy: 5 bedroom semi-detached house for sale in Rednal Road, Birmingham, B38
  2. SPX

    Are estate agents of this planet?

    I've moved out of commercial vehicles and into property development, and I am dealing more and more with a very strange alien otherwise known as an estate agent. I know of no other business that negotiates in this way, here is an example of the games I have to play (House price is £85k and...
  3. Palfrem

    Estate Agents photos

    Terrible real estate agent photographs Some of these are laugh out loud funny Splendid stuff!
  4. A

    Any agents in the UK that ship to the USA?

    I need this for a 2005 Smart Cable, parking brake ATE - 24.3727-2802.2 for your car lowest prices - Brakes - Braking system - Cable, parking brake - Cable, parking brake - 24.3727-2802.2 but they don't ship to the U.S. Are there any forwarding agents in the UK that handle that sort of thing? I...
  5. LowMilerAMG

    Blaupunkt Service Agents

    Anybody know of any good Blaupunkt service agents in or around the London area? All the good guys from the late 80's seem to have moved on without a trace.:(
  6. Charles Morgan

    Another reason why I don't like Estate Agents

    The bumpers were touching rendering the boot unusable. He/She had four feet in front. Complaint letter coming on.
  7. Spinal

    Travel Agents...

    I need to book some tickets, and as usual I use skyscanner to search through the options to find the best prices... This time, I was sent to an online travel agent I've never heard of, "Terminal A". So, cautious, I looked for some reviews... let's just say they are less than flattering! So...
  8. E

    travel agents

    Any1 know of any cheap travel agents? wifey insists we go for a holiday....'Ok darling you win!!':D
  9. Satch

    4,000 estate agents could be forced to close

    Whilst a general economic downturn is most unwelcome and job losses in any sector will always have knock on effects, I find it really very hard to care if a Malthusian limit applies to Estate Agents.
  10. pammy

    Estate agents - rant...

    ...rant rant rant rant phew - that feels better :D Just putting the house up for sale and have just done most of the estate egant's job for him. Made him redo all the photos as they were crap beyond belief. He didn't know the basics about backlight compensation, using flash to cancel out...
  11. Tan

    IT recruitment agents

    Hi I need some help, I looking for a good recruitment agent to get me back into Commercial IT. I have been self employed for a couple of years and have mainly been working for smaller companies and doing other Technology projects. I have spoken to most of the big players but they are not...
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