1. M

    Suzuki Alto more reliable then Merc

    Hi All, My merc is causing me headache only after 3 months of having it and my family is using our Suzuki Alto which is 2 years older to get us around as its so reliable. This reminds me of my dads 190e and brand new e-class. We have always had a Suzuki alto and our mercs were always less...
  2. A160DSB

    Suzuki Alto

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering, although I know a lot of you are slightly more upmarket from Suzuki, if you knew any modifications that could be done to my 2011 Alto SZ3. Kinda miss my little A160, but the Alto is a lovely, nippy little motor!
  3. A160DSB

    Suzuki Alto Forums......

    As some or any of you may be aware, I bought a puppy in the Brabus, and sold it just before its imminent MOT Failure. Went with dad to the suzuki dealership (as he was buying a swift) and bought a 1.0L 11 Plate Alto. Many different opinions on this car, but mine is as follows; Looks good...
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