1. Bellow

    Engine animation.

    This might be of use to those not yet wholly familiar with the internals of an engine but have grasped the basics. A humble Ford 4-pot, but the principles are the same for all OHV 4-strokes. YouTube - AWESOME ENGINE ANIMATION....
  2. ringway

    Animator vs Animation.

    I like this. :) LINK.
  3. LastMinute

    Animator vs. Animation

    These made me smile: Part I · Part II
  4. M

    Animation from a digital camera

    My eldest has announced that he want to produce some Monty Python animations over the school hols.... We have most things - cameras, tripods, lights, etc - but does anyone know of any software that can put the individual frame together? I've seen some that produce animated GIFs, but he's...
  5. Dieselman

    Just sharing a small video animation.

    I was asked to host this video that one of my nephews had made. What do you think, bearing in mind he created on his own this from scratch and is only 10 years old? Video.
  6. blassberg

    Animation Competition

    If you like this please vote here for number 15 Shiva Postal Worker a neighbour of mine
  7. Madferrit

    Flash Animation

    Some people are just talented to the max with flash animation.. If you're on a slow connection it may take some time to load up.. but its worth the wait so be patient :) 1 - Music Beats 2 - Horses 3 - Bunny Rapping
  8. Howard

    Very funny Flash MJ Animation its safe for work, no swearing, sound would be beneficial ......
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