1. Dannyallen89

    Any1 recommend a garage in Newcastle upon Tyne

    Does anybody know of a good garage in Newcastle upon Tyne I can get to remove the spoiler from my w204 and fit a carbon 1 I have bought? Thanks alot [emoji3]
  2. G

    any1 selling a boxster?

    if your selling a boxster let me know.5-6k cash no high milers please.
  3. chriss428

    any1 near crawley?

    Hi guys and girls just wondering if any1 near crawley could pic up an exhaust for me and send it my way or if any1 travels regurly from somerset to crawley or viceversa? cheers chris:thumb:
  4. madoz

    can any1 help me?

    ive just bought my brothers 190e and i love it but it needs work however im finding it hard to find parts that i want,ie side skirts and arch covers(not crome) do i have to buy crome 1s and paint them? or can i get unpainted plastic 1s?.:wallbash:
  5. gurpsingh

    Any1 know what this part is???

    Hello people. Any1 know what part this is? Apparently its faulty and needs changing. It's causing a 'check engine' on the dash along with a P0410 SECONDARY AIR INJECTION SYSTEM on star diag... (& higher than usual fuel consumption).. The car is running sweet though.. I know there...
  6. gurpsingh

    Any1 with a STAR DIAG kit in London??

    Hello.. Any1 with a Start Diagnostic kit in or around East London?? Need to hook my CLK230K up... Cheers g
  7. L

    can any1 tell me what these part no's are?

    Help needed with Comand part numbers Hi all... I'm getting ready to install my comand and I've ordered a load of stuff from MB I used for the parts list. However there are a couple of parts I have ordered but I'm not sure I need. I want to add the aux input cable to comand...
  8. jaymanek

    My Cabrio's on Ebay if any1 interested!

    Well its on there, lets see how it goes. I made it 10 days so i definately have for the GTG :bannana: Ebay Link
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