1. O

    Help - Ipod / Audio 20 problem - will not display song titles / artist or artwork

    Hi all, Hopefully you guys can help me? When the iPod is connected it plays songs ok but does display song info, instead it display's random 4 letters for a song. Any ideas how to fix? BTW I have used the interface and iPod cables. Thanks in advance. T
  2. gr4z

    Navigate by Artist or Album for music

    On my 2011 C350 should you be able to navigate your music by ID3 tags - i.e. Artist, Album etc on the USB storage or can it only navigate via folders or playlists? Thanks
  3. poormansporsche

    Any Graphic Artist / Computer Boffs help me with this .....

    alright peeps, Im having some custom dials, heater vents and gearbox selector plastics knocked up and need the letters on the gearbox thingy to match my AMG Branded knob - so what ive done so far is (im no computer expert thats for sure !!!! ) Im happy with the "P" "D" and "1" and...
  4. mercmanuk

    ron mueck the artist

    Ive just had an experiance today at the manchester art gallery that has changed my view of art.there are a couple of sculptures by the artist ron mueck that are totally mind blowing.the attention to detail is so real,are they real? if you ever get the chance to see his work dont miss the...
  5. bennesspipers

    'Jolly Fisherman' Skegness or Penzance or Artist

    The famous railway figure 'The Jolly Fisherman' painted by John Hassall for the Great Northern Railway in 1908, was apparently previously painted for Penzance & known as 'the dancing boatman' (or similar). Skegness Council were given the painting by British Railways in 1966,with a letter...
  6. S

    Helping my mum - great artist, terrible businesswoman

    Dear all, I appreciate that this is a particularly off topic post, but so many useful things get answered on here that I thought you just might be able to help.. My mother is a seriously good artist (oil/watercolour, animal portraits/scenery etc.) but has spent her whole working life selling...
  7. mark.t

    title of a song and artist

    jessamay or jessemi ......spelling way off but its a song. any help
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