1. BIRMA

    Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch 19/20th August

    Anyone from here going? I'm hoping to meet up with some members from the Private Lounge on Saturday, heading for Southbank marshall's permitting as there seems to be less dust and a good view.
  2. F

    Supercars London - August 2016
  3. flango

    East Midlands Breakfast Meet & Run 21st August 2016

    OK so a few of us thought it would be a good idea to organise a Sunday out for all fellow MB enthusiasts but all cars welcome. Plan is to meet at Tibshelf Services on the M1 Southbound and head for Hassop station cafe in the Peak District taking in some nice scenery on the way. After Breakfast...
  4. Bigrichw

    Car Cafe Nottm August Be nice to get a few of us here Put your name down PS the bacon cobs are damn good [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 21st August - 11:00

    It might seem a while away but with holidays and other events taking priority during the summer months, the next GTG at MB World will be on Sunday 21st August. As usual we will gather in the car park on the left hand side near the main entrance from 11:00; chance to chat, meet new people and...
  6. Marvin16x

    Cornwall in August – not the best idea?

    Hi everyone, me and my friend Felix are in desperate need of another UK road trip and since we've got quite fond of the South last year we thought visiting the South West would be a perfect idea for our next trip. Now the thing is, we won't be able to leave earlier (nor later), so August it...
  7. LTD

    Friday 21st August 2015 - Yadgar

    OK gang Short notice, I know but we have a couple of German forum members probably visiting our fair city on Friday. They have sampled the fayre at another curry house near Druk. It was very nice but not the culinary delights that attendees are used to. Can we organise a turnout at the...
  8. M

    Bedford aerodrome track day 19th August.

    Just booked up for this . Anyone else attending ?
  9. Sanke

    Bluewater .....August.?

    Hi all, Anyone fancy a Bluewater & Coffee meet over the coming weekends? Steve
  10. M

    Dorset, late august break - need some recommendations

    Hi Guys & Gals - need the expert (collective) advice/recommendation from this group on where to stay. My son wants to go fossil hunting, so planning to stay down near Lyme Regis over the bank holiday w/e. Where would you stay? do you guys have any recommendations? Cheers Pete
  11. MD5

    Silver Arrows, MB World, 7th August

    I was bought an SL 63 driving experience for a birthday present last year, and I phoned up today to book it for tomorrow (it expired three days ago, but they give you two weeks grace). I was hoping for 1 or 2 o' clock drive time, and 2 was the earliest they had. It turns out that they are...
  12. D

    Testing the water - RWYB Sunday 23rd August

    Morning all, Considering going down to Santa Pod on Sunday 23rd August and running the C63 down the 1/4 mile. Hoping to be able to borrow Acid's Slicks to be able to do this otherwise don't think there's much point in doing it with road tyres. I just wanted to gauge whether there would be...
  13. acej

    driving perfomance invite for the 1-3 August (see link below) and are you going? Might try and get there but early next week. Anybody else going?
  14. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 9th August

    Summer is quickly passing by and perhaps time for another GTG at MB World. The usual format - arrive at the car park at about 11:00 - chat until 12:00 or thereabouts - coffee and wander around the showroom - depart when ready. All are welcome Mercedes or anything of interest :) Add your...
  15. M

    Midlands GTG Sunday 23rd August 2015 - Arbury Hall (Near Mercland)

    Hi All, we are holding this event at: Arbury Estate - Welcome to Arbury Estate Arbury Hall, Arbury Park, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV10 7PT Its only around the corner from Mercland but there is a lot more space. There will be sandwiches etc provided. Also for those of it who may be...
  16. jaymanek

    Mercland GTG August?

    Sounding out a date? 23rd August... Its a Bank Holiday weekend... Would this be better or worse for most? Kids still of school etc.
  17. ACID

    Dyno day august 2014 video !!!!!!

    Once again thanks guys :thumb: GpkcZXMFyTs
  18. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater Meet - 23 August 2014

    There is a possibility that Saturday may be dry so does anyone fancy a GTG in the usual Bluewater location from 8pm?
  19. lordlee

    Berks/Hants/Surrey meet August 31st

    Thinking of maybe setting up a meet at the White Lion in Hartley Wintney on the last Sunday in August which is the 31st - would anyone be up for it? We could do a drive around or just meet and chat cars. Please register interest...
  20. ACID

    Dyno Day August 2014 @ MSL PERFORMANCE

    Hey Guys We are looking to do a Dyno Day some time in the Beginning of August 2014. Im just getting a feel to see who is up for it. :D Cheers Acid
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