1. smoothcoupe

    E55k wheels balanced

    Hi all after a long motorway cruise I was noticing a slight tremour through the steering wheel, it was more annoying than a proper shake. And today I had the front wheels balanced and what a difference this made.. the car drives and seems to sit better on the road. An absolute pleasure to drive...
  2. portzy

    Balanced rears?

    Probably a dumb question but here goes..... With a staggered set up where the rear wheels are never going to be put on the steered front axles, is there any detriment to not having those rears balanced?
  3. P

    How many times do you get your wheels balanced?

    Is it just me but every time i get new tyres fitted i ALWAYS have to go back to either the original fitter or another tyre place at least 3-4 times to get them balanced properly...........:dk:
  4. GrahamC230K

    Building Regs Part J and Balanced Flue Locations

    Calling on the forum trades people, do we have anyone qualified to answer an enquiry relating to the postion of a balanced flue and how close I can locate a graden shed to it? The general diagram in the Part J documentation I have found doesn't fully answer my question. It perhaps does, but...
  5. didgit

    balanced and tracked

    had to get a new tyre couple days ago, front left worn on outside edge, after having all wheels rebalanced, all were out due to wear, i had the tracking checked, the car felt fine before but now it just glides along in a supper smooth way, and the steering wheel is level again, i couldnt...
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